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Usa Internships For International Students

John Said:

What number should I dial in?

We Answered:

If you are not currently in the US, then you would dial the International number. The PIN number is a conference code number. We have this in our office. There are companies who are in the business of just providing other companies with conference call they have hundreds of companies calling into this dial in number. They assign the companies PIN numbers so they have to dial the pin number too - this way you get directed to the correct conference call.

It is just an internal code number to the conference call company so their system can direct the call to the correct conference.

Olga Said:

Please check my grammar. 10 points. Thank you so much.?

We Answered:

Hope go with canprof above. Its good.

Nina Said:

10 points--Can you please help with my grammar. English is my second language.?

We Answered:

It's difficult to believe that English is not your first language. Your spelling and grammar are beautiful, don't change a word.
Good luck in the position you are applying for

Henry Said:

What internship should I take?

We Answered:

Apply to that internship, but others also. From what you've told me, it sounds like a scam. I wouldn't put all my trust in it. Perhaps if you gave the name of the company or the movie they put out, it would help. But you sound very competent. I'm sorry about the school's poor job of improving you showmanship. That's unfortunate. I think that brand development sounds interesting. I wouldn't go for journalism, something that I used to be interested in, because it can be hard breaking into the business and the written media is dying. Television is still very strong, so going into that would be a wise choice. Radio is okay too. But PR is a really interesting job. My uncle owns a PR Firm and I have helped him many times in brand developement and in elections. It's pretty fun! Also, advirtising sounds interesting. I think you pursue brand developing or journalism. Do more research on this film company. Have fun and try your best. Your plans sound amazing and ambitious. Ambition will get you far! And to convince media publishers and media consultancies that you would make a good intern for them whilst your major says "Performing Arts" say that your degree focused 80% on communication and PR and 20% on stagework. Say that the stagework helped you learn presence and give you an ability to talk to people and come up with creative ideas, while your work in communication and PR helped you understand the business and to be businesslike and practical. You seem very well spoken, so you should have no trouble impressing them with your intellect. Good Luck.

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