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Usa Universities For International Students

Barbara Said:

University of Texas or other universities in USA international student?

We Answered:

Two years is a pretty large gap to not attend classes. You might feel behind those who come straight from high school into college, and you might end up taking some math courses that are not required or that you've already taken which is a waste of money. In my opinion, two years is a bit excessive. If you're dead-set on taking at least one year off, I suggest you volunteer/work over the majority of the year, and then maybe over the summer travel.

Yes, USA high schools do study Psychology. I myself have taken it, and intend to major in it.

University of Texas is much more liberal than the other universities of Texas. The weather is HOT, much hotter than you can ever imagine being from UK. It's getting to be a huge party school, but I think that's just because they have a pretty awesome club/music scene. Just take it in moderation; there will be plenty of music festivals in Austin all year! Many people come to UT, and it's definitely NOT a college town, meaning UT is in an urban setting and is spread out in Austin. It's very, very large, and there's a lot of people. You might want to talk to UT though, because sometimes USA universities want international students to live in the country for two years, but I think that might be if you don't speak English fluently. I'm not sure though, so you want to check it out.

There are other schools to check out in Texas too :D

Pamela Said:

Is it easier for international students to get accepted to universities in the USA?

We Answered:

yes. And because they add diversity, and international perspectives.

Luis Said:

what are best universities for international students in uk and usa and australia?

We Answered:


Rank University
1 Australian National University
2 The University of Sydney
3 The University of Melbourne
4 The University of Queensland
5 The University of New South Wales
6 Monash University
7 The University of Western Australia
8 The University of Adelaide
9 Macquarie University
10 RMIT University


Rank University
1 University of Oxford
2 University of Cambridge
3 Imperial College London
4 London School of Economics
5 University of St. Andrews
6 University of Warwick
7 University College London
8 Durham University
9 The University of York
10 Bristol University


Rank University
1 Harvard University
2 Princeton University
3 Yale University
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4 Stanford University
6 California Institute of Technology
6 University of Pennsylvania
8 Columbia University
8 Duke University
8 The University of Chicago

Aaron Said:

Which USA Universities have the cheapest fees for International Students?

We Answered:

I don't believe any schools will provide lower tuition costs for international students than for domestic students. What you will want to do is find the lowest cost school overall. I did a quick google search for "least expensive colleges" and got this:

Tina Said:

SAT 1 or SAT 2 will be required most from USA universities for transfer applicants?(international students)?

We Answered:

You must take the SAT 1, it's required from all students
The SAT 2 is based on the college you choose to apply to, since many do not require these scores, yet higher level universities might

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