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Uw International Students

Jeff Said:

which is better for undergraduate: UW Washington-Seattle or UW Wisconsin-Madison? pleae help me to choose!?

We Answered:

I'm currently attending the University of Washington-Seattle and I love it. I don't know anything about UW Madison or how they compare, but I can give you some information on UW Seattle. You can do some research on on ranks, but I just quickly checked out the website and UW Madison is ranked 34 and UW is ranked 42. There are some great opportunities here at UW. The business program here is pretty competitive and from what I hear, most of the business school advisers strongly encourage you to have a back-up. My sister just recently graduated with a B.A. in Business marketing and finance with a gpa of about a 3.6. Very good for the business school. She just got a great job in CA and will be moving there shortly. As for me, I'm actually planning on majoring in Speech Communications, not journalism. The communications professors here are awesome. I've heard pretty much nothing but good things about them. There are definitely chances to study abroad--but then again there are at pretty much any university. What I do know about journalism: common sense tells me that there are great opportunities here because of all the local news stations like King 5, Komo 4, etc. etc. and also because of the Seattle Times. Anywho, this is a pretty broad question. You're welcome to e-mail me with additional questions about UW if you have any.

Julie Said:

Seattle UW or Su for business school?

We Answered:

i am a graduate of UW (ba, ma, phd) but not in business.

if you can get admission to both schools, then absolutely go to UW.

why? because the level of education you will receive in either is excellent. but UW has a much, much better reputation and is better known.

the main argument for SU, i think, is the class size. at SU classes will have less students and help you know people better. UW tends towards very large class sizes for the first few years.

but, i would much rather have a diploma with "UW" on it than "SU." more people will recognize it.

Jill Said:

College choosing advise...UW vs VT?

We Answered:

VT is obviously Vermont but UW?

In general, where you get your undergrad degree really means very little. I know plenty of students who got a good basic education, had a wonderful GRE or MCAT, and got their Masters and professional degrees or doctorates at 'name' schools. If you get your Masters from Cornell, nobody is going to care at all where you got your Bachelors.

A suggestion for college and professional writing: the first time you use an abbreviation or an acronym, spell it out completely. Here is an example: "College choosing advice - U of Washington-Seattle [UW] or U of Vermont [VT]?"

Melissa Said:

Do you tihnk I can get into university of washington in seattle?

We Answered:

It is wise not to ask random people. But me looking at ur stats are good i think you ca remember never let anyone tell you you can't never take no for an answer. I recommend calling the school administration to see if you have what it takes. Then you will have a better answer!

GoodLuck I like that University too

Jeanne Said:

Yale, Harvard, MIT / International??

We Answered:

To be honest, I don't think you are competitive.

These schools receive many thousands of applications every year from the very best students in the world. Harvard alone had over 22,000 applications, according to a recent news article. But all three of these schools are quite small. They only enroll about 1500 students each. So, to be accepted you must have absolutely top credentials.

You have an advantage with your background being different from the typical student, but I dont think that will be enough.

You should really be looking at some other schools. If you check the US News Rankings online, there are 100 top schools listed under "National Universities" - all of those are excellent schools with good facilities, good faculty, and good students. Your chance of admission at many of those schools would be excellent. Pick a school based on where you want to be in the USA. Schools like Fordham, Tufts, Penn State, Virginia, etc are very different from each other and will give you some real choices about how you want your college life to be.

Bryan Said:

UW eau claire vs University at buffalo?

We Answered:

I am confused at how you are deciding between Wisconsin and New York. I am from Eau Claire and they have a great university and it is part of the Wisconsin System. Eau Claire is smaller than Buffalo, but you should decide based on what you want to study. I would choose Eau Claire because they have a solid reputation as a good school.

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