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Washington Intern Student Housing

Julia Said:

Liberals, did you KNOW this stuff about Hillary Clinton? It's surprising, isn't it?

We Answered:

See... liberals are uptight boring people that don't know how to laugh at obvious funny statements from entertainers. Geez people... I didn't think the questioner was implying these as fact... though most border on it... it is just a bit of comedy relief. Stop being so frigid and laugh a little.


Uh Steve... you think Jay Leno is News Media? LOL LOL LOL

Lance Said:

Summer Intern in Washington DC and Baltimore; Housing, Commute, and other suggestions!?

We Answered:

Do you have a car? If not, plan on taking the MARC train between the two cities.

Baltimore housing is cheaper than DC housing, but if you want excitement in a city, DC is where you should live.

Baltimore is fun, but DC has a lot more history and places to see.

It's very humid here during the summer months, drink A LOT of water and be prepared to sweat.

Anthony Said:

Could I get into UCLA (lots of details included.)?

We Answered:

What are your chances of getting in? I don't know. No one on here can tell you. Your GPA is definitely good though.…
These are a bunch of statistics for UCLA. See where you stack up. Check the school's website. At the end of the day, no one can tell you. Why? Because we don't work at the school.

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