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Why Study Abroad

Christina Said:

why international students study abroad?

We Answered:

And you asked this exact question again why?

Lynn Said:

Where should I study abroad and why there?

We Answered:

America: greatest country on earth! and great food as well, youll go back to canada 20 pounds heavier.

Mexico: Great food, rich culture, very nice people, really cheap, great beaches, great time.

Byron Said:

why study abroad?..?

We Answered:

Studying abroad is a great way to get to know another culture and language. By getting to know another culture, you also learn alot about your own culture and yourself.
It`s a way to get to know alot of new people,experience new things. You get a better understanding of what`s going on in the world.

I was an exchange student in high school from Norway to America, it was a great experience. Living a year in another country is totally different from just visiting a place like a tourist.

I would recomend everyone that has the opportunity to study abroad.

Calvin Said:

Why study abroad in Canada?

We Answered:

I've lived in Vancouver for all the 16 years I've been living, and it's been okay. I mean it's a beautiful city of course, but I'm actually thinking of getting out of here. So I probably wouldn't bet the person to ask, hahahah.

Some unique features about studying here - what did we learn in grade 10 social studies? well, Canada is important because of our environment, all the nature, and natural resources, and also the diversity, as you know Vancouver is known for its multiculturism, from First Nations to Chinese workers who worked on the railway, you will never find a more cultural city in the United states than Vancouver. Also Canada has a Queen, and is a British colony - unlike America. we are also billingual, we are the first country to have TWO languages as its official language - English and French. We are very polite, and if you are a different race you won't be disciminated against in most cases because a lot of us are, we have everyone from Chinese, French, British, Black, brown, mexican, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, German all residing in one city--because they immigrated here.
Also you well as might know that the Olympics were held here last year, and we had millions of visitors from all over the world, who came to celebrate sports and stuff. it was soooo crowded and always hard to get to places. We also have a CanadaLine connecting Downtown Vancouver all the way to Richmond. We have a millenium line and expo line going all the way to Surrey, burnaby, etc.
The best reason why you should study abroad in Canada? well maybe because you LOVED it when you were a kid, you're willing to learn new things and explore a whole new different culture, a whole new lifestyle - I mean everything from our currency to housing, to tourist attractions, to a variety of culture portrayed in music, theatre, dance, art, nature, and the best thing is that everyone here has something to bring to the table because of their uniqueness...

Michelle Said:

which country is best for study abroad and why?

We Answered:

I totally recommend comin' on over to the USA!

We have sooooooo many universities here and TONS of engineering opportuninties here. Engineering is really big right now, and in great demand; I have a friend in the engineering program at my university & she's talked about how there's not enough people in the program. They need more students!

So come on over & teach us how awesome pakistan is, and we can teach you some of the cool stuff aobut the US!


Toni Said:

Did you study abroad? Why did you choose to study where you did?

We Answered:

Originally I planned to go to London, but it was just too expensive. Also, besides having to pay alot, the ratio of student to teacher in London wasn't attractive, averaging something like 1 teacher for every 18 students.

Then I applied to study in Cardiff, Wales, which is 2 hours west of London. The prices in Cardiff were about 1/3 the prices in London! The Welsh people are extremely friendly and polite.

Cardiff has students of every color and race, and they are all welcome! Some neighborhoods have African, Indian, Italian, Persian, French, Chinese, Korean, German, etc. books, food and stores, around Cardiff and nearby Swansea or Newport or Bristol, all about 25 mintues apart by train.

And the teacher ratio in Cardiff averages something like 1 teacher for every 8 students. So in London, I would be a 'face in the crowd', but in Cardiff, I get a high quality British education, but I'm more of a 'big fish' in a smaller pond, and all of my teachers know my name!

We go shopping in London and see plays in the famous London West End, but we can be home in our own cozy Welsh beds by midnight, if we like!

It rains alot in all of Britain, so bring waterproof clothes! Prices and tuition vary, but Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are all good values for students with U.S. dollars.

Cardiff is the capital of the Celtic nation Wales, in the county of Glamorgan, and it's officially biligual, English and Welsh.

Everyone speaks English fluently, but the signs in Welsh give you a feeling of being someplace exotic in Europe. The countryside is nearby and is beautiful. Ruins of Roman and Norman castles are scattered everywhere among old farms and industrial towns and villages.

There's lots of exciting nightlife, pubs, museums, castles, cathedrals, and quaint old traditions and British customs.

Other students here told me how to conserve even more money: For example, there is a coach which goes to London for only a few pounds round-trip!

I've been here for 3-1/2 years, and I'm almost done with my Ph.D. They make you study more here than in the U.S., but I will finish before 4 years, while in the U.S. a doctorate usually takes about 5-7 years.

Most British schools have U.S. financial aid codes, so you can recieve your grants and loans, just as if you were taking classes in America. Once here, you get a student rail card, which makes travel really cheap, so you can see the country on breaks.

There are really cheap flights in Europe with companies like BMI Baby, Easy Jet and Ryan Air -- I flew to Amsterdam, Prague, Italy, and Ireland for what I spend on a large pizza in my old university 'hometowns' of Cleveland, Ohio or Miami, Florida!

I encourage all American students to try even a semester abroad -- ask your school about summer programs, and always ask about scholarships -- there's more money than you might think!

I have been sacrificing and saving and living on a budget for the past 4 years, but I don't regret the cost for one minute -- I have made incredible new friends, and I learned more about the world than any geography class could ever teach me!

The internet if FULL of good info if you have an itch to study and travel. It doesn't matter what you study or where you go -- just go!!!

If you don't take a risk and ask the Universe to help you live your dream, you might never know . . . so go ahead and make a New Year's wish . . . and good luck and Bon Voyage!!!

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