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Winter Break Study Abroad

Ken Said:

will study abroad delay your graduation?

We Answered:

not necessarily. you should contact your study abroad adviser and your department chair to find out. i am studying abroad and the credits I earn here will count towards my degree. So my credits will transfer but my grades won't so my gpa won't be affected.

Peter Said:

Is studying abroad for undergrad a good idea for nursing?

We Answered:

Yes. very good decision. Go ahead!

Jacqueline Said:

How long is "winter break" in Spain?

We Answered:

The winter vacation I had last semester ran from December 22nd until January 7th. I didn't have any plans to return home, either... Until two weeks before. Paid through the nose, but I ended up going home.

Traveling is a great idea, but keep in mind that you will be traveling during the winter. Parks and gardens will be dormant, and cold temperatures / snow will be common. Something to keep in mind. If I hadn't gone home, I was going to travel.

Good luck, and enjoy your time.

Renee Said:

Does getting your wisdom teeth out hurt?? How long does it take to heal?

We Answered:

I just got two wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago and I'm still in pain unfortunately. It has lessened over the past days though. You definitely want the pain killers, those suckers have saved my life! I was told it could take anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks depending on how many teeth, how empacted they are, and rather or not you follow the doc's orders (no smoking, drinking through a straw, eating solids etc.).

Good luck!

Hugh Said:

How would I go about getting a job for about 6 weeks in the winter in Granada, Spain?

We Answered:

I'm afraid finding a job for six weeks is rather difficult, if not impossible, especially during wintertime. (Unless you tried a ski resort!)
May I suggest something else..
If you studied in Granada ask at the university offices if you could do a stay, perhaps seminar type thing, through them or even at the univesity itself. It may not be much of a salary, but possibly could cover expenses.

My daughter did this several years ago at Malaga University during summer break. She and her fiancé both did a two month research assistance job working out of the Facultad de Biología at the university in Malaga...
They were only paid local traveling expenses, which covered their gas fees and lunches, but since they were living at home with us, it wasn't too bad.
We asked at the faculty that corresponded to the studies she was doing. They gave us a bit of a runaround at first, but it finally worked out well. (And it looked great on their curriculum afterwards!).Granada might have something similar to offer you.
If you don't find anything through the University of Granada, try other universities... Malaga, Madrid, Alcalá de Henares (near Madrid) , Salamanca, Bilbao, Barcelona or Valencia.
There are many splendid universities in Spain, and although Granada is a beautiful little town, you might find it easier to get something in a larger city. And all of Spain is worth visiting, so no matter where you end up, there will be things worth seeing. And you can practice your spanish.

I don't know where you are located at, but for traveling from the U.S. check out flying via London . Then from London look up EASYJET...they are the most economical flights to the rest of europe ... and they have some really cheap flights to Spain.

try the embassies (spanish in the US and american in Madrid) for more information to start with. The embassies usually have information on job offers and even scholarship facilities...
go to the following website for the addresses:

Buena Suerte!

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