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Work And Study Abroad

Anna Said:

I want to work and study abroad, I am a man of 35 yrs of age, wat advantages and disadvatanges are there?

We Answered:

Disadvantages: move from your stable lifestyle, have to start from scratch, living expenses might be higher, language barriers

Advantages: You open up your horizons, learn about a new culture, become more competitive since we live in a global world and it's VERY important to have international exposure, might have better job prospects, etc.

I would def. go abroad, even if it's harder at the beginning. Try to see if some of the local companies have offices abroad, or else maybe go for a short study course abroad and make contacts there to get a job.

Also, there is always online job searches.

Good luck

Barry Said:

How do credit hours work for those returning from Study Abroad?

We Answered:

So you just went over there and piked random classes? You are supposed to be in contact with the director (or someone from the office if you attend a large university) of the study abroad program. You were to have chosen courses that would fit into your program, so it needed to have been run by the chair of your department. If they decide to be lenient on you they might take it, but they are going to look at your transcripts and decide what to give you credit for. But just like transferring in the States, every class that you take has to have an equivalent at your school, so if they do not offer it, they might try to squeeze it in somewhere, but they generally will not take it. The 3 credit scheme works for the entire semester, because your classes lasted only half of a semester, even if they take it you will only be getting 3 credits total.

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