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Work International Students

Yolanda Said:

Is it illegal for international students to work full time if they are on leave of absence from Uni?

We Answered:

yes it is

Sergio Said:

Can international students work?

We Answered:

If you are on an F1 Visa, you can do a limited amount of on-campus work. No more than 20 hours per week. Check with the International Student office at your school for more information.

Mitchell Said:

Will international students ever get a chance to work legally in US, like in Australia and UK?

We Answered:

International students CAN work in America and always have. They can only work as part time employees, however, as their main focus, as an international student, is their studies. Their hours during the school year are limited so that this course of study is not adversely effected.

That shouldn't be a problem unless you are using a student visa as an easy "ploy" to gain admittance fraudulently.

Sylvia Said:

Why don't they allow international students to work off campus?

We Answered:

Because it's a completely separate visa. I have gone to school with people who have had this problem. The only thing they were able to do was clean house and babysit. I think they should make it easier for students to work while here, since not many college students are independently wealthy. As long as people have good character and are taking classes. We have a problem with people abusing the visa system and not taking classes at all. I think as long as you produce proof of attendance at your college to immigration and work no more than 20 hours a week, you should be able to get a visa for work when you apply for a school visa. But that's just how I would do things....

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