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Work Permit For International Students

Mabel Said:

What happens after you pass "90 days" when applying for "Postgraduate Work Permit" for international students?

We Answered:


Bryan Said:

How long is the new work permit for international student going to last?

We Answered:

Don't listen to ibu guru, he/she is wrong as per usual.

OPT is still 12 months unless your degree is in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematic) field, in which case OPT is for 29 months.

Freddie Said:

work permit for international students in canada?

We Answered:

dont worry as long as the course has a pre-requiste of a co-op then u will get a temporary work permit for the specified time by immigration...the college or uni will help u in getting the work permit...

Hilda Said:

How does an international student apply a work permit in Nova Scotia, Canada?

We Answered:

Have you applied to dalhousie?
Did you apply specifically as an international student?
Were you accepted?
Did Dalhousie send you an acceptance letter?
They SHOULD have sent you an acceptance letter.
if yes then you must fill out the forms for a study permit (on the CIC website) and send it in along with the all the required documentation including a copy of the acceptance letter.

If you are approved, you will get the study permit sent to you.
You cannot enroll at dalhousie without a study permit.

What is your legal status in Canada?
Have you had a study permit for grades 11 and 12?
You should have had one for both grades.

Brett Said:

How difficult would it be to get a work permit as an international student in Utrecht?

We Answered:

these sites will probably be helpful... (should basically be the same for Utrecht with the only difference being that its about three or four times smaller than Amsterdam)

Good luck!

Julie Said:

how do i get a work permit as an international student?

We Answered:

If you are here on a student visa you are not eligible to work, except for the college you are attending. No work permit.

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The work permit for international student will be differ from the subject what they pick in the post graduation. Each subject has some time frame and according to that the works permit will be issued for the international student. There is a facility for the students to extend it according to law for some more days.

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