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Work Study Abroad

Alma Said:

Study Abroad : how to apply for study *** work vis to US or UK and how much can i earn there as my age is 17 w

We Answered:

No, none of the information of the person who has answered this post first is correct.

1) US offers student visa's for both Bachelors and Masters degrees (F1, H1)

2) An international student on a student visa can ONLY work on campus at first and the pay varies from $7.50 - $10.

3) The tuition fees depends on the university and state you are applying to. For universities, the fees can go as low as $14,000 and as high as $40,000. There is also an option of applying to a community college (There are many good ones in the US) where the tuition can be as low as $7000 per year.

I own a guidance counseling firm that has all of this information and can help you apply to the universities you want etc.

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Becky Said:

Study or Work abroad to France?

We Answered:

why dont you look into Au Pair program,it is great and i am sure it will serve your purpose

Dorothy Said:

Is it possible to get into a Master's degree program abroad, with work study involved?

We Answered:

It depends on which country you are from, which country you are looking into doing your master in, and which sponsorships and exchanges exist for the programs you are looking into.
Some countries have special sponsorships for foreign students coming into the country. Some countries have sponsorships for students studying abroad if they declare to come back afterwards and work for a defined amount of years in their home country again.

Teresa Said:

Can you study abroad if you are apart of a work study program?

We Answered:

Work-study is just a regular on-campus job. Yes you can study abroad, but you will not be able to work in the program during that semester, so you should attend a school with the same semester dates as in America, or you will not be able to work for the entire year.

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