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Work Study Programs

Chester Said:

What is work study in college? And any government programs to earn money for single moms in school?

We Answered:

"Work Study" is a federally funded program you apply for by filling out a fafsa form at

To be eligible for Work Study, a person has to have exceptional "Need" when looking at their income. Work Study is where the student gets a job (usually on campus) part time about 15 to 20 hours a week. The money is given to them after they work the hours, just like a regular job, but since it is considered Finanical Aid, it is included on their schools "Award Letter" as money to help them pay for incidentals. Students can use the money they earn from work study for whatever they wish.

One common misconception is that the Work Study money is availble for them in one lump sum at the beginning of the semester like a grant or scholarship is to help them pay for tuition or books, and this is not the case with Work Study because a student has to EARN the money (not to mention find a job on campus) so work study can't really be used to pay for outstanding tuition or fees or a dorm room or things like that.

hope it helps.

Diana Said:

What do you know about work study programs with VA hospitals?

We Answered:

If you have a disability rating over 30 percent, you are eligible for the vocational rehabalitation, meaning you can go to college to train for a new career, they will pay tuition, books and even for tutors. You can get this work study program at the VA and they are easy to work with because the hours are good and flexible.

Annette Said:

work study programs and financial aid????

We Answered:

Many jobs on campus are still made for non workstudy students, you just have to investigate a little. Other ways to go around this would be to check and see if your school offers anything similar to workstudy, but for students who are not eligible. Several schools have a general assistance program. Check with you fin aid office or student employement office to determine if there is any other options if a student is not eligible. I know several students who have used this route, because they did not fill out the fafsa, or were not eligible for workstudy.

Johnnie Said:

When you go work study programs at college do you give references?

We Answered:

Do you mean work study as in co-op or work study as in financial aid.

Financial aid it could be personal references and for co-op. they know that your hard working so ask you teachers, coaches, friends, tutor etc.

Glenda Said:

Is there a program work to study programs here in the philppines?

We Answered:

you mean work/study programs? I'd check w/ the school you're attending.If they ain't got one, I'll bet they can point you in the right direction.

Wilma Said:

Obama cutting work study programs at colleges?

We Answered:

My friend had the same problem, his son was denied as well. He has lost all "HOPE" and my friend is beside himself with what to tell his son.

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