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Asset Management Business

Carrie Said:

Asset Management software question?

We Answered:

if that came the the knowledge of the authorities then no doubt you have a problem, it also depends on where the illegal software is installed, i.e. company owned machines or the personal laptops of some users. Penalties vary depending on where you are, usually they start by forcing you legalize all "pirated" copies, otherwise you would be getting heavy fines if not something more serious even.

Lena Said:

Career in Fixed Income Vs Asset Management?

We Answered:

Without knowing what your job function is with either ML or GS all I can recommend is that you really do more research on each area you were offered the position. Fixed income and asset management are general terms and both encompass many facets of finance, so it really comes down to which sector and position you would enjoy more and can see a future in. I am assuming that your offers are within different product groups. In addition, it always helps me when I list out all the pros and cons of working with each bank and compare. The list should include any postive or negative items about the job position, industry, etc. And then prioritize what is more important for you and see what ends up as the better alternative .

What I usually look at:
- Compensation package (this one should be easy)
- Position responsibilities (which is more appealing/interesting)
- Boss/people (what was your gut feel after interacting with people during your interviews)
- Company culture - Both banks probably have very different cultures even though both are extremely cut throat and quant. heavy banks; Likes and dislikes.
- Industry (ML and GS have different strengths - is the product group you will join the best place to be to gain expertise/experience?)
- Career growth (which you mentioned before)

Hope this was helpful
Best of luck!

Catherine Said:

Anyone know of any successful asset management company that also provides insurance services?

We Answered:

What type of insurance services were you needing? Almost all asset managers offer insurance services including life, disability, and annuities. Not many of them will offer property & casualty products.

Lance Said:

How is a static software product classified as a business asset?

We Answered:

Because it belongs to the company.They own that and that's what they make their money off of. It's not something they owe.

Sally Said:

whats the best way to look for a job as a recent green card immigrant from africa with a business degree?

We Answered:

Don't listen to those other guys I love immigrants like you, you come to this country to better yourself and the country not to bring the country down.
Oh and I need to warn you against pyramid sceams, Multi-Level Marketing or MLM whatever they try to call it just trust me do NOT get involved. If they are more interested to get you to sell some product than to actually sell the product to you run away... run away fast!!

Arthur Said:

I'm interested in starting a security company, any advice from people in the business?

We Answered:

Electronic security has been a very strong growth industry, and if not recession-proof, it is at least recession-resistant.

I suggest you spend some time working for an alarm company already in the business: try to pick a good one, based on reputation and also on up-to-date products and services, even if that means working and living in a different part of the country for a while. The best companies (like ours!) focus on cellular monitoring and interactive services. You will learn a lot working for an existing company, about what to do, and what not to do. It would be tough to start your own from scratch. There is not much rocket science in what we do, but there is a lot of complexity. And by the way, New York is very strict about licensing of alarm companies, and you will need documented experience to qualify for a license - plus, there are exams.

In the meantime, read my blog - it has a lot of interesting information about systems and the industry - you may learn something useful.

And good luck!

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