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11th Grade Math

Ian Said:

How do you divide this rational expression (11th grade math)?

We Answered:

(4m + 8 / 3n - 3) / (2m + 6 / 7n - 7)

<=> [ (4m+8) * (7n-7) ] / [ (3n-3) * (2m+6) ]
<=> [ 4(m+2)*7(n-1) ] / [ 3(n-1)*2(m+3) ]
<=> 28(m+2) / 6(m+3)

Are you sure it was 4m+8 and 2m+6 :) ?

Don Said:

How do you simplify this question (11th grade math)?

We Answered:

3x^2 + 9x - 30 (factor out the 3)
3(x^2 + 3x - 10) (factor)
3(x - 2)(x + 5)

x^2 + 7x +10 (factor)
(x + 2)(x + 5)

3(x - 2)(x + 5)
(x + 2)(x+5) (the (x+5) is canceled out)

your answer is 3(x - 2) divided by (x + 2)

Ricky Said:

11th Grade Math Question (quadratic formula, solving) Help Please?

We Answered:

Let "x" be the width of the border. We know the outside length, L, and width, W, of the border is given by:

L = 7 + 2x

W = 5 + 2x

The difference in area between the lawn-plus-border and lawn is:

A = LW - (7)(5) = 6.25

(7 + 2x)(5 + 2x) - 35 = 6.25

35 + 14x + 10x + 4x² - 35 = 6.25

4x² + 24x = 6.25

4x² + 24x - 6.25 = 0

The roots of the equation are found from the quadratic formula where, from the above equation, a = 4, b = 24, and c = -6.25:

x = {-b ± ?[b² - 4ac]}/2a = {-24 ± ?[(24)² - 4(4)(-6.25)]}/2(4) = -3 ± (1/8)?676

x = -6.25, 0.25 m

Since the border cannot have a negative length, the solution is x = 0.25 m


[7 + 2(0.25)][5 + 2(0.25)] - 35 = 6.25

Georgia Said:

How do I complete the square in this expression? 11th Grade Math Help?

We Answered:

1. 4x^2+2x-1

2. 4x^2+2x=1 move the one over

3. x^2+1/2x=1/4 divide by four to remove coefficient.

4. x^2+1/2x+1/16x=1/4+1/16 divide your B term by 2 and square. Add to both sides

5. (x+1/4)^2 = 5/16 convert left side to squared form

6. x+1/4 = +or-?5/4 sq. root both sides.

7. x= -1/4+?5/4 and x= -1/4-?5/4 answer.

Juanita Said:

What are 11th grade studets learning in math?

We Answered:

Trigonometry, Probability, Algebra, Arithmetic, Series and Sequences, Locus, Differentiation, Geometry

Albert Said:

How do u solve Equations in 11th grade math?

We Answered:

1) Add like terms 8x+2x=10x
Your equation should look like this
Subtract both sides by 15x
Divide both sides by -5
Solve for x

2) Add like terms 4y+1y=5y
Your equation should look like this
Add both sides by 7
Subtract both sides by 5y
Divide both sides by 2
Solve for y

Add both sides by 15
Subtract both sides by 2z
Divide both sides by 4
Solve for z


2) 4(4)+4+1=7(4-1)


Hope that helps!

Linda Said:

What is the 11th grade math course called MBF3C in Ontario?

We Answered:

the grade 11 math course is:
Functions (in ontario.)
and there are three grade 12 ones :
Advanced Functions
Data Management

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