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4th Grade Math Lessons

Lorraine Said:

Can you begin a whole number with zero?

We Answered:

well im just 13 but it seems to me you are correct. the only whole number that begins with zero is zero itself. "012" is just simply not a number.

Whole numbers= {0, 1, 2, 3...}

Unless the question was " What is the smallest number you can make when ADDING 0, 2, and 1?" In which case the answer would obviously be 3.

Hope I helped!

Yeah, i agree with the other people. 0 is just a placeholder. But I still think ur right.

Barry Said:

I am in 7th grade attending 8th next year and i want to be prepare for everything expecially math please help

We Answered:

The suggestion about getting a friend to help is a good idea. I noticed several good websites too. I would also suggest at the beginning of school let your teacher know that you are concerned and would like to improve your grade. Most teachers will be happy to help you and know that you are concerned.

Andy Said:

7th grade math homework help! I missed these lessons (sick) PLEASE HELP ME?

We Answered:

Just take 120 and divide it by four. Because there is one negative sign(if there's an odd number of negative signs, your answer's negative, if there's an even number or 0 negative sign, your answer's positive), your answer(30) is negative.

Just multiply them together.
You'll get 132, and because there is an even number of negative signs, the answer is positive.

How to change a fraction to a decimal:
Divide 100 by 8. Then multiply the numerator by that. That's your answer. Do that with any number and you'll get the same.


Justin Said:

3rd grade math lesson. Number models with parentheses...?

We Answered:

Try this......say they are outside on a hot day and they want a popsicle.

They first have to go in the house, and then open the freezer to get the popsicles. Have to do things in that order popsicles.

You can use similar ideas....say they want to go swimming. They have to leave the to the pool, enter the pool and then jump in. Has to be in that order.

How about recess on a cold day. Jackets go on first, then leave the classroom, then leave the building to the playground.

Does that help?

Ronald Said:

does anyone know a great website that has math lessons for elementary children thats free?

We Answered:

I know a great one:

Margie Said:

Does anyone have any ideas for a math lesson relating to the inauguration?

We Answered:

Maybe something to do with Stats from Inauguration day such as the number there have been, how much it costs, size of crowds etc.

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