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7th Grade Math

Christian Said:

How can help me figure out this 7th grade level math problem? Please?

We Answered:

V= A*h
V= (pir^2) * h <====== You need to divide the diameter by 2 to get the radius.

V= (pi*2.65)*h
V= 8.321*h
V= 8.321*9
V= 74.889
V~ 74.9

Therefore, the tank can hold to a maximum of 74.89 volume of water.

Harold Said:

What level of math should I study when skipping 7th grade to 8th grade?

We Answered:

Study both

Maxine Said:

If I am an 11 and take 7th Grade Math and decide to Tutor will older kids cooperate with me?

We Answered:

Don't worry. Just be nice to them and when they see you are nice and smart they will love to cooperate.

Ricardo Said:

Where do I buy 7th grade math textbooks?

We Answered:

Barnes and Nobles. They've got everything. My mom did the same for me by buying phonics books that was way advanced for my grade because I was way advanced for my grade, so I know what ya mean.

Diana Said:

What is a good website for practicing 7th grade math?

We Answered:

Manuel Said:

Where can I find a free site that teaches 6th and 7th grade math?

We Answered:

And in particular:

Along with:

Good luck!

Maureen Said:

What are the levels of 7th grade math?

We Answered:

At the Junior High I taught at, 7th graders could take Algebra (with 6th grade teacher's approval); then as 8th graders they took Geometry.

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