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Gmat Math Review

Jose Said:

Are these books sufficient for GMAT preparation? Or are the excessive?

We Answered:

That's a solid list, but I'd substitute some of Kaplan and PR books out for more Manhattan GMAT and Powerscore books--those books are more focused whereas the Kaplan stuff is more generalized and less helpful, I think. I'd add:

Math: Manhattan GMAT guides for the different math questions. Short but solid help. OG Quant is good, but it is just problems. A math guide will help explain how to do the problems.

Verbal: The Powerscore GMAT Bible that covers the verbal section. Much more comprehensive than others I've seen.

Otherwise, you've got a great list going already.

Casey Said:

I need a good basic math book to review my math concepts for teh GMAT Quant?

We Answered:

When I took my GMAT's I used online resources to study. I found sites like to be helpful. They let you take practice tests, print out tests, as well as show you step by step procedures in case you forgot. They cover topics from gradeschool math up to college math.

Good Luck with your tests~

Andrea Said:

GMAT Prep Course: Kaplan or Princeton Review?

We Answered:

When I first started studying for the GMAT that was my exact question--Kaplan or Princeton Review? But I did some research and found pretty mixed reviews of both programs (although both companies do some serious advertising).

I went instead with PowerScore, based on personal recommendations and chat board reviews, and I wasn't disappointed. All of their instructors have scored in the 99th percentile themselves, and I found the materials both thorough and understandable. As I applied the approaches I was learning, I saw my practice test scores increase steadily, on both the verbal and the math sections. For what it's worth, I ended up with a 770.

Tom Said:

GMAT Best Possible Course?

We Answered:

GMAT couses are virtually worthless

Lauren Said:

Which GMAT books are the best for scoring high on the quantitative section?

We Answered:

Go to and get their free test software. It's pretty close to the real thing. I got almost excatly the same score on the GMAT that the program predicted.

You've taken it before, so this may be obvious. It isn't traditional math. Success is mostly about quickly figuring out a strategy and executing it, while budgeting your time.

Ruben Said:

Question about GMAT preparation...?

We Answered:

How long are you planning to study if its 2 months you wont get through all those books. The only books you need is 1, 2,3, #1 you will really need there is about 800 problems in that book alone. 2,3 are just extra ppracticeand some of the question overlap from book number 1.

Kaplan books are good but there practice test will make you cry when you see the scores, they are not on point. If i could go back and study for the gmat i wouldnt waste my time on #5, if in verbal or math dont waste your time on the kaplan GMAt verbal workbook or math Work book.

from my mistakes, please listen if you are not good in math the book #1 in the front will give you all the math that is tested on the gmat. Take a practice test FIRST very important, then see what your weak area is, i suggust you take your ppracticeon since your buying the books. My opinion is mManhattan gmat is the best books to buy. #8, #9 are a life saver. My mistake when studying for the gmat was quality, i was doing my studying by quantity doing too many problems at a time and not focusing on quality.

Oh there is this website that is such a big part of your gmat studing its called Again if i would have did this i would have a different outcome. And no that is not enough time, dont under estimate the beast!

ten points!!!!!

:( she copy me

Julia Said:

GMAT Best Possible Course - Engineers Please Help?

We Answered:

Get several books. Study for months. The courses are some help, but not much more than books. Review the books before you buy; some are obvious junk. The Princeton Review book is one of the better ones.

When I took it, I had to relearn how to do long division, back then they did not allow calculators. I suggest considerable practice in manual arithmetic if this is still true.

Good luck.

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