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A Room To Rent

Dale Said:

business registration for room rent?

We Answered:

Definately a cpa question, but Im pretty sure you can. I collected rent on 30 houses and used credit card on some. Most people dont do it because they can stop payment to you much easier. You can prosecute a bounced check, credit cards will give you endless beaurocracy. Also I learned when I signed up as a venderr withh American Express that if a customer requests a refund, they get it back and I can not dispute it for any reason.

Gregory Said:

how much does a mahattan apartment rent cost? and a room rent?

We Answered:

a decent location starts at $2200/mth. anything less and its for roaches

Tanya Said:

Whether a Company , who pays for his Executive's Hotel Room Rent, has the authority to deduct TDS from bill ?

We Answered:

I would bet that it's discretionary...
Did it amount to a lot of money, and is it worth making a fuss about?
If you didn't like it, make it plain that they can send someone else on the next trip.
Most companies want to send the most suitable person, so they're unlikely to quibble next time, if they know that's the only way you'll agree to go.
Ask them how they'd feel if you'd only done part of the job, and why they feel it's okay to pay you only part of your expenses.
Keep calm, don't lose your temper and be firm.

Jeremy Said:

i goto gulfnews UAE i would like to find it a room rent, how can i go though ?

We Answered:

if you looking for room to rent look in local city news paper, or is that a university, than go to bulletin board, talk to students??

Ted Said:

Room rent in singapore near suntec tower or near by area?

We Answered:

What's your budget? The Suntec area is an extremely expensive area.

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