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Accommodation For Foreign Students

Zachary Said:

What do you think of these plot ideas?

We Answered:

I say use the first idea. Basing a modern storyline on a known story or true-life character isn't a new idea, but I think it's a very good one. Of course, in a modern setting, good old Henry is a mass-murderer! I personally would enjoy that story, just to see how you handle the conversion of known past events.

Good luck with both your books.

Melinda Said:

What I need to know to find an apartment for rent in Vancouver for two months?

We Answered:

I would strongly recommend that you try to find accommodation as a boarder not as a tenant. Most landlord's in Vancouver expect you to sign for a minimum of 6 months and most often for a year before considering you. You will be hard pressed getting a rental unit for just a few months.

By the time you get everything set up; hydro, telephone etc etc, you will be checking out.

You might like to consider some other options:

Check into a comfortable motel/hotel for a few nights and see how you like it. Then if you are happy with the location explain your plans and negotiate a monthly rate. The second option is to find a family that is advertising to rent to students etc and is offering room and board. The west side often has many adverts. Check Craig's list for starters or one of the local papers on line if available.

Another option is see what is available at Bed and Breakfast. You are entering Vancouver's slow season so you might be able to negotiate a good monthly rate. Vancouver's West End has some B&Bs. Check on-line. The West End is a community of its own with hundreds of high rises. It is right on the beach with a world class park [Stanley Park] beside it. Hundreds of restaurants and shops are available and transportation into downtown is a breeze.

As far as crime is concerned it doesn't matter what area of Vancouver you choose. Crime is crime. Even the most expensive areas have their share of crime. As a rough guideline; Kerrisdale, Fairview, Kitsilano, Point Grey, Shaunessey being higher priced attract less transients and is possibly more safe in the opinion of some.

Depending on where you locate, weather it is in Vancouver, or in municipalities adjacent such as Richmond or Burnaby expect to pay around $750 for an unfurnished one-bedroom in an apartment building. A studio suite or so called bachelor suite [no bedroom] goes for about $100 a month less. There is also the option of renting a basement suite in someone's home. These are often quite a bit less but again your problem is duration. Families renting out the basement suite are looking for long term tenants not someone wanting to leave in a couple of months. The further west you go, the higher the price for accommodations because the neighborhoods are considered "classier"

Stay away from the downtown Hastings street area [from Main to Abbott] as this the worst of the worst in Vancouver. It is invested with drug deals going down and would be very unsafe for tourists.

Sharing accommodations with someone you have never met is not rocket science. It depends on your risk tolerance and your gut feeling. I'm not sure what you are wanting to know but the rule of thumb is that the more questions you ask about the person the more you will instinctively get a sense about the person and whether the person is a good risk.

Regarding student ID requirements you need to go online and email specific youth hostels in the Vancouver area to have that question answered.

Alan Said:


We Answered:

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