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Accommodation For Students

Pauline Said:

Cheap, short term accommodation for students in Atlanta?

We Answered:

Extended Stay Hotels

Felicia Said:

Accommodation for students in Boston, Summer 2011?

We Answered:

Try Craigslist for a summer sublet. Leases here run Sept 1 to Aug 31, and most students leave by the end of May. Plenty of cheap sublets for the summer.

Caroline Said:

What's the going rate for student accommodation?

We Answered:

I share a student house with 4 others and we pay £875 each (quarterly). Hope that helps. Oh, you might want to know that we have double rooms. Also, the rent doesn't include bills - we sort that out between us. Anything else you want to know, just ask!

Sue Said:

are you doing accommodation for students taking flight attendant course, your requirements, qualifications?

We Answered:

See - click on 'Cabin Crew Training' - has all info and contact form/email for more info. Some courses are government funded if you are eligible. Generally you do this course then compay's such as Virgin or Qantas takes their pick of the students near course ending.

Douglas Said:

student accommodation and non students living with students?

We Answered:

Check with the uni, but probably not, unless you're married to this person.

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