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Accommodation In Uk For Students

Eleanor Said:

USA college/university requirement for students to live on campus?

We Answered:

Almost all colleges and universities require that you live on campus at least your first year (and some after that as well). Yes, they enforce this by making you pay for on-campus housing, even if they don't require you stay there every night. They are making you do this because studies have shown students who don't live on campus their first year are much more likely to fail/drop out than students who do - they don't make friends on campus, they don't establish social groups, and they don't feel connected to the school. But if you want to pay for two rooms, fine.

Terry Said:


We Answered:

Giving yo0ur uncle's address will be sufficient, you don't need to provide any proof.

As for the money, the rules state that you must have £600 for each month of your study up to a maximum of 9 months. If your course is for six months, you will need £600 x 6 = £3,600. If your course if for 12 months, you will need £600 x 9 = £5,400. This is in addition to your tuition fee. You must be able to show evidence that this money has been in your bank account for at least 28 days prior to your application.

Whether you will need all the money doesn't matter, the rules state that this is the amount you must have. If you declare any less, you will be refused a visa.

William Said:

UK Student Visa, how soon can I enter UK?

We Answered:

you can go here and apply, forms, fees, rules, etc...…

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