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Accommodation London Student

Chad Said:

I looking for accommodation in London around Wandsworth area I have a job in a pub there.?

We Answered:

It will be quite difficult to find a place for 2 months in London. The best bet will be if you can advertise in Wanted section using few local website/newspaper. few of the links are -…

Good luck !

Craig Said:

Grad student accommodation for King's College student?

We Answered:

In your first year, it is definitely better to stay in the residence.

London is an expensive city and you'd need to get to know it to choose an apartment and who to share with.

Jane Said:

looking for an accommodation letter for london for 1 month..What is the solution?

We Answered:

see if one of their teachers would do it.

Megan Said:

How much money should I take to London as a student?

We Answered:

I'm a student in london and I spend £25 week on food, £15 for mobile phone, say £30 month on clothes, £50 a month on going out - clubs, odd dinner out.
does your accomodation include bills - tv, internet, fuel?
you must be in a pretty central area or living alone - you could easily get less than £150.
will you need to buy lots of books or not?
a student weekly oyster travelcard for zones 1 and 2 (bus and train in centralish areas) costs £18

Claude Said:

Where can I find accommodation in London where I can practise my singing and not annoy anyone?!?

We Answered:

How about a tree on Wimbledon Common

Carole Said:

How much does it roughly cost 2 live as a student in london going 2 oxford???? weekly?

We Answered:

First students in the UK don't usually have or need a car unless mummy and daddy are paying!
Cars are a luxury in the UK, much more expensive to keep and run. It has to be tested yearly and if repairs need to be made you have to pay for them or it cannot go back on the road. The fuel is expensive, the tax is expensive. The insurance for a US license can be up to £500 a month, especially if you are under 25.

Forget the car, the UK is non-car friendly, we walk to most places, students usually have bikes and both London and Oxford are much easier to get around without a car.

London is 50 miles from Oxford so living in London would be a pointless waste of money. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but Oxford is not as bad. I don't know the cost of accommodation but most students live in the colleges and pay the college for their room and food. You can ask the college you plan to attend. If you go on a few websites for student accommodation in Oxford you can get an idea of the prices outside the college. I would think something like £60 - £80 ($90 - $120) a week for a room in a shared house but students might get it for less, to give you an idea in London it is about £100 - £150 ($150 - $250) a week which is why London would be a silly option.

Have you looked at the cost of fees? The colleges can also let you know what these are for European and Non-European students.

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