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Accommodation London University

Jordan Said:

Accommodation under 500 pounds a month in/near London?

We Answered:

i dont live in central london but at the end of the tube line (which will take you directly into london in about 35 mins) the station is chesham and the area where i live there are a few properties able to rent for less than £500

you will have to do some hunting though, as everyone knows property prices are increasing

also another place easy to get to central london is watford which is also on the underground and some affordable options can probably be found in and around here too

failing that you can look at hemel hempstead/high wycombe which is cheap but it will be more expensive to get into london (around £16) compared to £7.80 from chesham and even cheaper from watford

have a look into it and a great website is

hope iv helped and i hope your son and his girlfriend has a great time coming over here :)

edit: i just look at right move and there lots of things in watford. would recommend watford and its also a big town with lots going on so would be good for finding a job

Rosa Said:

where can i get cheap accommodation in Holloway, London?

We Answered:


Jaime Said:

Which University is better for MSc/ MA in Business Management - Regent's London, Dundee or Oxford Brookes?

We Answered:

Both ****.....I went to Warwick...cost the company 27K though.

Lynn Said:

How will I be able to afford accommodation whilst at University next year?

We Answered:

You should apply for financial aid and/or scholarships. That will help a lot with paying for college.
Be smart. Books are expensive, so buy them used (like on Amazon). Instead of having your own groceries, take advantage of your college's meal plan, and bring back extra food from the dining hall for snacks (even if you have to sneak it out!) Don't go out to dinner and drinks with your friends all the time (it adds up.) Put aside some money NOW, and don't touch it. Work part-time if you have to.

Sam Said:

Hi thr, I'm moving 2 london, uk fr further studies in Thames valley university, ealing, london.?

We Answered:


Juanita Said:

Planning on working in London. What’d be the cheapest accommodation? Is it feasible to find a job?

We Answered:

I'm kind of thinking of doing the same!!
London is unbelievable expensive, for rent, I would budget about 500 pounds for shared accomodation (like a big brother house), if you want to live by yourself, I think it is at least 1,000 pounds per month

If you live outside London, you'll have to pay for transportation, unfortunately London is not a car feasible city, so for transport I'd consider about 100 pounds for a monthly tube pass

I've heard that it is extremely easy to find a job in London in your field, however I have my doubts, I've posted a question about that

Nicole Said:

which university is better greenwich or london metropolitan ?

We Answered:

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