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Andy Said:

Please tell me what my rights are here (Renting)?

We Answered:

Read your lease, that outlines your rights. the lift is not a major fact disrupting your living arrangements. The fire alarm is not landlords fault. Electric outages happen and it is the power companies fault. You have no recourse. When your lease is up move

Roland Said:

Feeling incredibly hopeless and depressed. Should I remain hopefull?

We Answered:

You are probably not ready for the outrageously effective methods I advocate, so I won't expect you to use them.
If you want to really transcend these circumstances and win, you can google "create+self+directed+victory". The method described is foreign, yet works for anything.

Kelly Said:

how can i minimize my expenses during university time?

We Answered:

Have you tried blogging or writing an internet journal based on your experience? Some places allow you to bring your own advertising to the blog such as Blogger. However, you have to keep your entries pretty clean and make a great impression on employers. An idea for a blog might be the Economical student: Surving college on a limited budget.

Here are some ways to save on the budget:
* Search for your college textbooks on the internet because the bookstores tend to be more expensive.
* Take public transportation or ride your bicycle to your classes.
* Rent a flat or apartment off campus with a classmate you know or trust. Can be more than one if you wish because it can lower the rent.
* Minimalize eating out if you do not like left overs. Most times it costs more money to eat at a restaurant unless you have a good coupon (does not work for me since I hate leftovers).
* If you want to attend a movie, go during the cheapest hours (meaning ticket prices). However, some places do discount for college students.
* Work during the school break when possible and save your earnings as much as possible.
* Tutor for a fee struggling students in your best academic subjects. This can be done to your schedule.

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