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Apartments For Students

Phillip Said:

Are student apartments just for students?

We Answered:

You can't if the apartments are associated with the college in any way.

Peter Said:

Do some college bound students get apartments immediately?

We Answered:

I just finished my Freshman year of college, (I had a semester done through classes offered by my highschool before I graduated.) I moved out of the house right after graduation and got my own apartment. In my personal experience, it was a little harder to do than living in the dorms or at home because you have to worry about a job and bills as well as your classes and grades and socializing. But I did it. It just depends on the amount of responsibility you are willing to take on in the beginning. Looking back, I wouldn't change my choice.

Tracy Said:

Are there special low income apartments for students?

We Answered:

Check with your local housing authority. They can tell you if you qualify for low income or student housing.

Dennis Said:

What are the best apartments for grad students in Lansing, Michigan?

We Answered:

I am not sure what your budget is, but I have used for my apartment searches. I did a quick search for you with a budget of $700 a month. If you would like, the search criteria can be altered so you can look for apartments close to your campus. Good luck with school and your apartment search!

Jacob Said:

What are some decent apartments for students attending UT Austin? Not too far from the campus.?

We Answered:

depends on how much not too expensive is? if you're wanting to be on the bus can be up to 7-800 per person...

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