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Brisbane Student Accommodation

Barbara Said:

Moving to Australia help?

We Answered:

For information relating to the university, go to:

From what I remember when my daughter applied for a Student Allowance, she had to produce payslips for the last 3 or so months and had to prove that she had earned more than a certain amount over that period. The requirements may be somewhat different since you're coming from NZ, but our students here have to prove that they have been living independently for some time before SA is paid.
Go to… for more info. Centrelink are notorious for insisting that every t is crossed and every i is dotted before they will pay anything, particularly SA, so ensure that you fully understand exactly what they will want you to produce. Benefits are not usually backpaid if your first application fails for any reason.

Part time jobs should be easy to find if you're not too fussy about what you do. There is usually plenty of shared accomodation for UQ students, but it will be rather more difficult if you are coming mid-year. See the Student Union noticeboards and newspapers for accomodation.

Annette Said:

Studying at University of Queensland, good accommodation location?

We Answered:

If all of your classes are on the St. Lucia campus, you should be staying closer to there. (since the School of Dentistry is SO much further away). Look at your classes and meet with your academic advisor. He/she should really be able to help you out with accommodation and such and figuring out where you're supposed to be.

My assumption is that your general classes (classes you're taking now) will be offered on the St. Lucia campus, and as you get further in the program, upper-level courses will be located in the School of Dentistry.… check out this link (however you probably have seen this a lot) to figure out where, possibly, you classes for the future are going to be located.

Enjoy your time at UQ. I studied there as an international exchange, and miss it terribly. Wish I could have finished up my degree there.

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