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Cheap Student Accommodation

Dave Said:

Which place is both cheap and good for an international student for his study and accommodation in NY?

We Answered:

As the previous answerer stated, the words 'cheap' and 'New York' are very rarely used in the same sentence. New York is one of the most expensive States for both tuition and living costs.

Even the State universities in New York City, while not expensive will cost you around $4,320 (CUNY) a semester and this does not include the fees or the text books. If you want to lessen the cost of your education for the first two years while you complete the general studies requirements then I suggest you look at public community colleges since this will half the cost of tuition, around $2,280 per semester.

Once you have completed your general studies requirements then transfer to a four-year university to complete the final two years of your Bachelor's degree.

Just remember that the above prices do not include any fees that the university adds, the costs of books, transportation, housing, medical insurance and your own personal expenses.

If you want a guideline of how much housing is going to cost you then is a good place to start.

Brad Said:

Does anyone know of any cheap rental accommodation in Mitchelstown, Cork, Ireland?

We Answered:

There's nothing on for Mitchelstown (or nearby Cahir) but there is for Fermoy which is only about 15 minutes from Mitchelstown. Prices are pretty good. This is the direct link to Fermoy houseshares on daft… If you don't drive there's a pretty regualr bus service from Fermoy to Mitchelstown, see:…

Ricardo Said:

Where can I get cheap student accommodation in Malmo, Sweden?

We Answered:

I'm going to Malmo this August for my bachelor degree as well. I guess we can start by looking into Malmo's student union accommodation guide. I'll let you know if I reached anything specific.


Florence Said:

Cheapest student accommodation in Edinburgh?

We Answered:

Depends what uni you are going to. For Edinbrugh Uni, self catered are the cheapest. Darroch court are more expensive I think because they are newer and have washing machines. All the others are about the same. You rarely get first choice accomodation anyway. Don't know about other unis I'm afraid!

Wanda Said:

Paris- how expensive is it to live there (estimate please!), and where can I find cheap accommodation?

We Answered:

On how much does it cost living, I can give you the prices and then you do yoru calculation. Metrocosts 1,30 Euros for each trip. On Food, you can eat a dandwich and a drink for 5/6 Euros. In a brasserie you can eat with 15 Euros and in a restaurant with 25/35 Euros.
Renting a studio in Paris would cost around 1200 Euros a month.
You can check witht he company I use when I rent apartments in Paris what they have available:

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