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Cheap Student Apartments

Russell Said:

Tips to live cheap in Milan as a student?

We Answered:

Milan is an expensive place, however if you are joining a school / or institution there, they do have subsidized accommodation for their students you have to find that out before you go - I do not think they allow married people but you can check it out - Maybe if U do a search on this you would get some places that you could rent but I feel the amount is low if you are looking at private apartments , and if U do find any , Check out the neighborhood

Roland Said:

How to find cheap apartments as a student?

We Answered:

Look around on campus for bulletin boards in the student union...there are usually always posters looking for tenants or roommates. Even if the college doesn't provide housing, they might have an office with someone that can guide you of places to look around in the area which are willing to rent to students (not all landlords are willing to rent to students).

Ellen Said:

Need cheap apartments in NYC. Students looking for an apartment.?

We Answered:

There are no cheap apartments in NYC. Starting rents in Manhattan are 1500 a month. Check with the college for a room mate wanted listing.

Miriam Said:

cheap apartments in denton,tx? future student of UNT?

We Answered:

there are a lot of cheap apartments close to campus, like on Prairie street. But it can be a rough neighborhood, a lot of creepies hanging around all hours of the night drinking, drug selling going on. There are also some apartments on Eagle Drive, we used to live in the Chapparell Apartments there. They weren't too bad. We paid like $400 for a small bedroom, but it was always quiet and it had a built in desk for studying. Good luck to you. If you are able to come up with a couple of roomates, I have a 3 bedroom 15 minutes from campus that is coming up for rent. It is out in the country, $700 a month, water, trash and lawncare included.

Nancy Said:

Where can I find a list of cheap apartments for college students in the Raleigh/Cary NC areas?

We Answered:

Your college probably has some listings, sometimes on the bulleton board in the student union. Other sources are the throwaway newspapers that are near campus. z

Wendy Said:

cheap apartments for college student in philly?

We Answered:…

Here, try this site... You can put in any rent range you want and any extras that you need to have in the apartment in any area that you're looking at. Don't pay attention that it says Dallas up top. It'll go to Philly apartments for you. Good luck finding something.

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