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College Accommodation Cork

Gabriel Said:

accomadation near Cit Cork?

We Answered:

Hi lulu. Im a student in UCC and i live right around the place. This is what you need to do. When you go looking for a house to live, landlords will tell you 'oh, its only 2 minutes from college and 5 minutes from town'. they will lie! I take it your going to UCC. The best place to get a house is somewhere obviously near the college and have the town in a short walk. Good streets to live on for students are.. college road, magazine road, donovans road, connacht avenue, western road, lima lawn to name but a few... (avoid model farm road what ever you do!). The best thing to do is come down here to cork in a few weeks or two and go to the UCC accommodation office on college road and that is were they have the listing's off all the houses to rent. You can get a nice house for less then €95, don't go higher then that. Make a day of it, go to the offices, get a few numbers and check out a few places, don't just take the first nice place you see no, look around, check out at least 5! and make sure you ask the right questions! will i have to pay for broadband, bins, esb, gas, parking? who else will be living in the house, etc etc. If you have any location in mind ask here again and i will tell you what its like.
Im lucky i have once of the best locations in cork to live in for a student, but sorry my house if full... and you could be crazy! Wait, what am i saying, your female, 18, and a first year! you can live with us ya no probs!!!!
There are also UCC campus accomidation places to live like brookefield, castlewhite, victoria mills, victoria lawn, but they are hard to get into and a lot more expensive, i would only advise them if cost is not an issue and you like your comfort. (they are very nice places but badly located!) they can be checked out on the ucc website!

Edit: **** i thought it said city cork not C.I.T. cork! **** in that place DO for model town road ha! anyway same thing applies really in regard to asking the right questions and checking places out. Just go to the CIT website and find their accommodation office, same rules apply, best of luck

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