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Edinburgh Student Housing

Suzanne Said:


We Answered:

Yes, he actually cares.

Please get some counseling for yourself. Find a professional who understands you. It may take a while.

You are not a bad person.

Carl Said:

Outsiders point of view required- does it sound as though my father could be seeing another woman?

We Answered:

following points say he is seeing someone
1. who else could be his damsel
2. he got pissed off when you brought up the subject
3. he lives away from you so he has lots of privacy
4. him and your mom are separated

following points justify his innocence
1 your mom laughed and said "does he think you are stupid?! You're 23, sort of thing you would send to a naive teenager!" , he could be joking
2. your parents are not divorced yet

BTW you shouldn't worry
for now just pray
it satisfies the heart
i hope things end up well

Carla Said:

Could someone with an english accent please record themselves reading this?

We Answered:

I know you are sick of looking for text to speech programs. But try this one. It is free and I have used it to make voice overs for some of my videos. TypeIt ReadIt is freeware and can be downloaded from You will have to get an English voice from a company that makes them. They are not that expensive. Type what you want the computer to say and click the save to sound button. It will make a sound file that you can edit or place in your movie. If you have good movie editing software you can cut the sound file to synchronize with the movie. Be sure to try demos of the voices out, with the program, at no cost so you know that it it what you want without spending any money.

Hope that it works.

Roberta Said:

Is Manchester really as dangerous as people say it is (worried American uni student)?

We Answered:

I only live a 30-40 minute drive away from Manchester and have been going there for years. It is certainly not a dangerous place and whilst it is less expensive than London (where isn't it?) I would not call it cheap.

The student area is vast because it has so many colleges and universities. There are excellent transport links to all sorts of places, But the city it's self has a lot to see and offer. It will take you some time to find your way around.

Dangerous, not realy for a city. There are kids around who will ask you for money and some may even snatch your wallet if you are silly enough to get it out to give them money. Just take the usual precautions. No where is totally safe of course but I must say that I have always seen a large police presence and a lot of security people around. There are plenty of CCTV cameras everywhere so if anything 'happens' it will be caught on tape. That is off putting for potential criminal types who do not like to be caught.

I think that any reports of violence are because the Greater Manchest area is vast and covers such a wide area within which there are bound to be pockets of the underclass. The violence is generally between themselves, but of course you never hear that bit.

There is no shortage of entertainment to be had, shopping is excellent and there are plenty of places for eating out, I do suggest you go at least once to China town. Also along the canal area.…

Find a tourist information office as soon as you can and get a local map (they give them out for free) it will help you a lot but there are sign posts on all the street corners in the city to help too. I think you will enjoy your stay. 00

Jo Said:

Why do so many misinterpret the Bible?

We Answered:

It is a consequence of writing in an ambiguous style.

James Said:

Careers & Universities in the UK?

We Answered:

The big employers do tend to go to the top division universities (The Russell Group) but the careers staff at Reading should be able to point out to you many other companies that they deal with directly.

Later you will see hundreds of advertisements in the Graduate Recruitment sections of the papers, the Times for instance, where the big names will still be trying to recruit.

Don't despair, Reading is in a beautiful county has a fairly good reputation and is based in a region with the lowest unemployment rates in the UK. A sort of UK Silicon Valley (but on a more modest scale)

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