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Find Student Housing

Janet Said:

where can i apply for student housing in LA? how can i find it?

We Answered:

You need to go through the school that accepts you. If you get accepted to UCLA, you contact UCLA housing services when you are accepted. That's how it's done. (You can only live on campus if you are a student at the University)

Tammy Said:

Can I find student housing that will allow me to have a hedgehog?

We Answered:

I DOUBT anyone would even knew you had your hedgehog. Just keep it housed in your room, with the door shut and if you are living by yourself no one would know he was there. We have lived in many apartments where you could not own animals and we never had any trouble with keeping caged animals like rabbits and sugar gliders.

If you happen to know they are coming into your apartment to do maintenance, as landlords need to give you at least 24 hours notice, than just put him in a tupperware container with holes on the lid and slid him under your bed while you are gone. He should be ok for a short while like that, as long as he is not going to suffocate and could move a little bit. Than just shut the cage in your closet and leave.

We have a friend who hides his 4 foot ball python like this all the time when the maintenance company comes to do work in his apartment and she's fine for the 9 hours he's at work.

Carolyn Said:

Whats the best place to find student housing in albany?

We Answered:

Go to a big property management company. They have listings that aren't advertised anywhere else. Tell them your price range and where you want to live and they can help you out. You may have to go to 2 or 3 before you find one you like.

Bryan Said:

How can I find housing for a student going to UC Berkeley? ?

We Answered:

The best and perfect place to look for rooms, apartment or whatever is this classified webpage.

Room in Berkeley…

Good luck and happy hunting!

Jordan Said:

Where can a college student find affordable housing in Austin for the university of texas?

We Answered:

I live in West Campus, and prices are coming down a lot now that they built all of these new complexes out here. They built a lot more than they were able to fill, and are struggling to get them rented out.

Don't apply right away, as a lot of these places won't hesitate to rip you off early. But as time goes on, they get increasingly desperate and the prices fall significantly. For example, I've heard of people getting single rooms in Jefferson West for $500 a month.

Just hold out for a little bit, and you could easily find a good rate at The Block, Jefferson, or Quarters.

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