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Flat To Rent Uk

Gerald Said:

In the UK what age to you have to be to rent a flat?

We Answered:

It's cheapest to rent a room in a shared house. Remember that you'll have to pay your share of the following:

gas, electricity, water, council tax, telephone line rental/calls, tv licence and any additional costs (e.g. broadband/sky tv).

You'll also need enough money to pay for food, clothes, transport, mobile phone bill, saving up for a rainy day (e.g. holidays, buying your own place) and having some fun (e.g. drinks, dining out).

Usually, you need to be 18 for a contract to be legally binding, but you can rent if you're younger (very, very few people under 18 earn enough money to be able to afford to rent their own flat).

Bob Said:

how much is a flat to rent in the UK?

We Answered:

it varies on what part of Kent you want to rent in, how large the flat is, how nice the property is, but in the UK renting and buying is generally extremely expensive,i have give you some links to help you

all the best

Jacob Said:

Is it cheaper to Flat share or to rent your own flat (UK).....?

We Answered:

It's cheaper to flat share, but I prefer to live on my own so I can be "selfish", can do what I want.

Alex Said:

How long do you have to have been working to be able to rent a flat in UK?

We Answered:

There is no set time, after all, people who don't work and are on benefits manage to rent flats.

However, to pass a normal credit check you would be expected to be in a full time job for 6 months. This page (which explains one agency's policy) might give you an idea of the requirements.…

Melanie Said:

I have a 125 years Leasehold Flat UK, I have been told I cannot rent it and I don't live in it. What can I do?

We Answered:

You can rent it on the DL...

Felicia Said:

I earn £900 a month. Do you think that would be enough for me to rent my own flat in UK?

We Answered:

Depends on where you want to live and what size of place you want. Yes, you could have your own place on that, but renting a place on that and paying all the costs of living probably wouldn't leave you much spare in most places.

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