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Flat To Share In London

Danielle Said:

Flat share websites in London?

We Answered:

Gumtree website number one in London (for everything)

Ruby Said:

Which is the best web site to find a flat share in Hammersmith?

We Answered:

Debbie Said:

I'm looking for a shared London Flat and need some help with pricing?

We Answered:

Most flats are advertised as per week by standard although you'll normally pay monthly.
If flat is advertised as a whole, it will be by number of bedrooms. Clearly if you want to share you'll need to find those who want to share and split the costs.
An existing group of sharers may advertise for someone to complete share if someone is leaving. In which case its the room that is advertised by the week at what you are expected to pay. You may want to check if that's a straight split with that group or if some room size/features alters the split.

Robert Said:

How to find a flat-share in London for a couple for a few months only?

We Answered:

Gumtree is a excellent site to find accommadation on the cheap!

Kristen Said:

Where is the best place to find rental properties in London (rooms or flat share) that accept housing benefit?

We Answered:

You could try Gumtree....…

Edit: Advance apologies to Lady C - My advice would be to steer clear of Forest Gate - it's BANDIT COUNTRY!

Gregory Said:

Average cost of rent in London (flat-share)?

We Answered:

Check out the flatshare section of gumtree ( Renting is expensive in london, but you can cheapen the cost by sharing a room with someone else if you have to. Be prepared to pay at least £400 a month for a single occupancy of a room. Also, I would advise against sharing with students, as if you are working you will be expected to pay council tax. Students are exempt from this, so you don't want to be responsible for the entire bill! But you will find lots of young professionals looking to find a flatmate, so don't worry too much about that.
Good luck!

Clyde Said:

I search to rent a room in a house / flat share in london ?

We Answered:

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