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Flat To Share

Judy Said:

Why does flat-share mates have a hard time letting you have heat!?

We Answered:

Those guys are jerks for sure.Of course you should be able to have heat, have a close look at the agreement you have signed . Maybe the only answer is to find another place and be sure to clarify such points as heating first.

Kathleen Said:

How difficult is it to find a house or flat share in Abu Dhabi ?

We Answered:

It's extreme difficult, especially if you are looking for accomodation within a certain price range.

Please visit the link giving below. Here you find the advertisements for rentals and shared accomodation.

Good luck!

Travis Said:

Can you flat-share at 16 if your parents sign the contract but you pay the rent?

We Answered:

Very doubtful. The LL would likely not go for renting to a bunch of minors. Too many legal hassles.

Dora Said:

Where is a good place to find a flat share/spare room in a house?

We Answered:

try looking in local shop windows people always put ads in there or try loot

Steve Said:

House share or flat share in and/or around the sutton area?

We Answered:

You've started in the right place, but one thing that you might like to consider doing is starting a new flatshare from scratch. Do you have any friends that would want to join you? If not, you can place ads on Facebook and Spareroom advertising for people to join up with you. Then simply approach lettings agents to enquire about renting a whole property. It can be a lot easier to do it this way.

However, I think you're looking far too early. You typically only need to look three weeks to a month before you want to move in. Bearing in mind that any current tenants who are in the property would only have to give a month's notice of their intention to move out, so you will often not find rooms advertised much in advance of this. If you found somewhere now, the chances are that you'd need to start paying rent on it within the next month in order to secure it.

Anyway, I'm currently looking for a room myself, so I know how hard it is! Best of luck though!

Jim Said:

Is it legal to advertise a flat share for 'indian' only applicants?

We Answered:

It would be illegal for an apartment building or a landlord to say 'Indian tenants only' or 'English speaking people only' But a private citizen looking for a roommate can choose whomever they want, for whatever reason they want. Yes, this is perfectly legal. You have NO right to get cross over this.

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