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Flats 2 Let

Max Said:

where is the cheapest place in edinburgh to buy a 2 bedroom flat to let to students in edinburgh?

We Answered:

In Edinburgh, the cheapest areas are probably Gorgie/Dalry/Leith/Oxgangs, not really close to Uni's though!

Byron Said:

has anyone out there advertised in Loot,flats to let paid?

We Answered:

Because there are always so many flats to let, the chances of getting a response to your add is small.

I tried a power ad in the Loot (highlighted). Only 4 people replied. I think its over rated.

Benjamin Said:

when we have 2 adjacent flats, it is econoimical to have two electric meter or one because the rates differenc?

We Answered:

Each flat should have it's own electric meter. If you have one meter, then you're sharing the cost of the electricity used by both parties.
People living in the other flat may use twice the amount of electricity than you do. So what is that saying? It's saying you're not only paying your own electric bill, but also picking up the cost of the people in the other flat. You may be conserving the use of the electricity and the people in the other flat may be leaving the lights on all night with the TV going while they're sleeping.

Two meters, two separate bills.

Elaine Said:

Short let flats in london?

We Answered:


click on "temp housing"

Willie Said:

what does it mean when a music piece says its a transposed version?

We Answered:

The transposed version is in a different key from the original, but will sound just like the original except for that.

Pamela Said:

Im looking to get into buy-to-let. I can only afford 1-2 bed flats(new builds) Are these a viable option?

We Answered:

They are ideal in fact.

With new build you (or the letting agent) is not going to be making numerous house calls to fix old boilers / leaking radiators and iffy wiring.

1 and (as a personal preference) 2 bed are perfect for the professional let and also (if interested) the moneyed student (as in uni / finishing college), not 7 people dossing in one room.

The most important thing is general due-dilligence. Is the property convenient to stations / shops / schools / work places etc.

Does the property give you a GOOD discount of the typical price for the area - if not walk away - more than enough developers are getting keen enough to sell that they will offer 10-15% discount. If you then use a professional mortgage arranger (who will charge you) you can then do a very neat trick which is basically a back2back mortgage. In essence, you can use the discount as your deposit (even better than the "gifted deposit" scheme.

As for being guilt tripped into "it's not fair", the reality is:

a) if you don't, someone else will
b) people renting tend to prefer private flats to council ones
c) some people will NEVER get on the housing ladder - because either prices are too high OR they are "about to crash" - so they wait - or they HAVE crashed(yeah right) and they wait for them to go further or - -lastly - price go back up and they feel they have missed the boat.

Would also suggest you look at interest-only mortgage too, this way rent will almost certainly handle the mortgage (if you buy right).

If interested in the midlands, take a look at Nottingham, prices have wobbled over the last few weeks - meaning rental demand is great - and also one or two developers are keen to punt some stock.

Oh one last suggestion - NEVER look at a 20K per annum journalist for your "property advice" - if they were any good, they would be a landlord, not an underpaid 9-7 hack busy forecasting twelve of the last 2 recessions.


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