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Flats To Rent

Ken Said:

Does anyone have any links to websites that have flats for rent by private owners in the Essex area?

We Answered:

Wow that's going to be a shock moving from Florida to Canvey Island.

I don't live to far away from there and i think your best bet it to look at renting in Benfleet its only a few Min's away from Canvey but it is so much nicer.

I will have a like look for you and i will email you. If you want to ask me anything you can email me to.

Claudia Said:

What websites advertise flats/apartments for rent in Ireland?

We Answered:

Depending on where in Ireland you wish to rent, a good idea would be to look up estate agents in that area ( they are also called auctioneers, as many of them used to run the local animal mart and the title stuck) and see what they have to offer. Google will find them for you or e-mail me and I will recommend a large firm which covers most of Ireland to you.

Adrian Said:

Which are the convenient places to rent flats in Dubai for someone working at Jebel Ali Airport?

We Answered:

ok my recommendations,check for

AL barsha,green community,AL qoz,(very cheap)

the best thing to go through google map see accordingly which area is convenient and near to that working place,see gulf news and dubbizzle property section according to your budget and requirement----------cheers

Maurice Said:

where can i find the new roles for tenant to rent flats?

We Answered:

The new rules covered in the Housing Act 2004 regarding Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO's) refer to a converted property which is home to more than one household which share kitchen/bathroom facilities. The only rule is that certain properties need to be licenced for a certain number of people to occupy the property. Information can be found in the Housing Act 2004:… or from your local government, or from a reputable Letting Agent (look for one that is an ARLA member). Alternatively, you can contact ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents) directly who will be able to advise you:

Good Luck

Roy Said:

How are they able to get flats to rent and i cant?

We Answered:

My sister travels an hour and 30 mins each way to work every single day! Total 3 hours travel on top of an 9 hour working day! She is out at 7am and gets in at 7pm!
That's life!
45 mins to college is around the average commute for any worker. Many of us HAVE to travel to and from work! It's better to get used to it now rather than land with a bump later and be exhausted while settling into a new job!

I know it's hard in Wales with buses and scarce timetables but it can be done! (My sister did it at 12!)

You don't need to move! Nice to have yes, but can you really afford it?:

council tax (About £90 to £100 every month)
Gas mine is £30
water Mine is £20
elec mine is £30
Tv licence £12 a month
Then you still have other costs such as food, clothing, going out, books and college items, travel to go and see other family and friends from where you moved from!

If they haven't got job, either their parents pay the rent OR they are sitting on their bums claiming the dole and getting the rent paid for them by housing benefits!

Like I said, better to get used to 45 mins now, rather than later!

I used to have to travel 2 hours each way in one of my jobs! Job = money = bills paid and roof over head. Many of us cannot pick and choose our journeys, a job is a job and going to college is no different!

get used it :0)

Phillip Said:

What is the benefit of purchasing a freehold ground rent of a block of flats at auction?

We Answered:

Buying freedhold is a long-term investment. The purchaser might have done their research before the auction and found out that some of the flats have only got 50 or so years left of the lease. If that's the case, they would have to pay the freeholder to get the lease extended, otherwise they will find it extremely difficult to sell their flat on, because any prospective buyers will have problems with getting mortgage on this property. And extending the lease can cost dear...

Otherwise, the new freeholder can offer to sell the freehold on to some of the owners of the flat and make profit this way.

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