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Foreign Students Accommodation

Jacob Said:

Have you ever had a friend who became a enemy...?

We Answered:

Yes, I have that. I've had a friend who stabbed me on the back, mostly termed as 'betraying somebody'. But, to be honest, it was my blame in the first place. This is how it went. I have a best friend I've known for one year (really short period of time to being a best friend, but she was really nice, friendly, easy to talk to.) And I have another friend that has been with me for 7 years. And that other friend, could have been a nicer person, but chose not to and became my enemy all the time. I really hated her, I never realised I've been betrayed for 7 years...And now I have just woken up, realised what she was like. This other friend that has been longer with me has these features:
She is cruel
Always talks about rude gossip about other people, spying.
She is a cheater on games, etc.
She is easily jealous, has a spiteful nature, and is cruel to everyone, but somehow, people don't realise what she's like inside, and they become her friend and now she's even more popular than me.
She is a traitor; a person who spreads evil gossip about you, makes you feel ashamed etc.
She laughs at you when you can't do something....
And, that is what I realised...finally at the end. She's not a best friend. I've been always breaking up with her, and she's always getting me into trouble, and she followed me to high school, and she's a really annoying stalker I despise the most out of everyone.
One day, I met a true best friend that was nice, easygoing, etc. I've known her for one year and she's my best friend already. But the one I knew longer got jealous and started treating her like ****, and she was being rude to me to avenge for herself. And then, one time, I realised that the girl i know for a long time (okay lets quit calling her that, her name's Nori and I hate her). she was playing and tricking my best friend I known for one year (her name's Sayuri) and Sayuri finally got influenced into her badness...And yeah she started to become a traitor. Sayuri's never been like that before. Then I started to act up on my cruel, spiteful side too. I started emailing her and she started getting rude...That's when I became really nasty to her...Sending her cruel messages using another account...It's almost like bullying. But I couldn't hold myself. She finally realised, and she hated me for it. I hated her too, for being so cruel. That's when Nori started ganging up on me, being so popular, she attracts a lot of attention. I didn't feel left out or anything, I didn't care any less because I've just made another hater/enemy that was my best friend and a traitor. But Sayuri was just badness, so easily. So now I don't trust anyone much till I find a true friend. Part of this is my blame, and she's been ever so rude in these seven months. I can't believe I can tolerate such thing...I feel dreaded, but at the same time, I just don't like her. That's when I was given the japanese name 'Hitori', meaning 'one person or alone'. It's lucky you're already grown up, I'm just another little teenager who suffers from this kind of thing...It's really hard for me, but I can endure it. I'm fine being alone, because no one bothers me in anyway. I like being friends with guys, because at least they're more of a laugh, and at least they don't talk about relationships and dating all the time, which gets annoying. I'm quite tomboyish, unfortunately, but I enjoy my life like that. I like making friends with opposite genders. I'm quite weird and I have a depressing life. I have a lot of family problems, health problems, etc. I'm just a really miserable girl. But I keep living on, of course. I've had lots of worries for such young age. By the way, I fell out with both of them and never spoke to them again, and I blocked and removed them from MSN and facebook, etc. I feel really bad inside right now, telling this story, but this is all true and just saying, I'm in Japan right now. And it seems dreadful here lol. But my friends deeply hate me now, I don't see them again, but they're probably spreading another rude gossip around when I'm not around with them. I'm more of a taciturn bibliophile, like Yuki Nagato from the anime Haruhi Suzumiya. Yes, you should move on in life, not always relationships all the time...I've decided that I should continue my education and live my life like a lonely person lol...Well, I'm not fully lonely, but I just don't want to hang out with people much anymore. Anyways, that's my story. =) I feel much better telling yahoo answers already. This story has been lodged into my heart for a really long time, I never forgot about them, but I guess....That's how life is.

Tiffany Said:

What is a good foreign country to study in?

We Answered:

Germany. They have high standards and are very precise. The culture is friendly. Most people speak English.

Kevin Said:

Would like to know more about studying for MBBS in china/ Australia/singapore?

We Answered:

Here is info for China:

Ashley Said:

Do you think special accomodation should be made for students whose first language is not english?

We Answered:

Hmm, I'm not sure. There are 2 sides to this. If I went to another country for school I'd want a little help. But, then again I shouldn't go to school in a country whose language I can't speak. It would be an unnecessary use of resources to accommodate me.

Bradley Said:

What I need to know to find good accommodation in Vancouver for two months?

We Answered:

Accommodation is generally speaking more expensive the closer you are to downtown Vancouver and the South Granville area.

The best websites to consult are Craigslist, Google Satellite map and Translink (the public transit system, including Skytrain and buses). Use the maps to familiarize with the various locations you see mentioned on Craigslist.

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