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Free Student Housing

Pauline Said:

Where can I find free infornation on Student Housing Grants?

We Answered:

Go to your school's finical aid office and ask to speak to a guidance counselor you could start there

Mathew Said:

where can i find a very cheap or work-free housing in boston, i am BU student, 24?

We Answered:

Have you tried craigslist? Pick your target city then the category you want.(ie housing available or housing needed) you can post your housing needs and peruse the available ones that have been posted.There should be many listings for roomates and apt shares also

Glenn Said:

is there a program in pennsylvania that will provide free housing and pay college tuition for a single student

We Answered:


Type in, "free tuition and scholarships in Pennsylvania," and several page s will come up.

In the meantime, here are two good sites: This is in Philadelphia. This is in Pittsburgh. Philadelphia

Hurry, so you can get in this September.

Good luck!

Misty Said:

Is there any educational position with free housing and meal in U.S for volunteering?

We Answered:

All I know is that if you work in a low income area (such as an American Indian Reservation) for five years, a good portion of your student loans will be cancelled and you won't have to repay them.

Eileen Said:

know of any free housing for students in Daytona beach fl?

We Answered:

The only place you can get free housing is in a homeless shelter or on the street. Don't move anywhere with a child if you cannot afford housing, you will be living on the street.

You might be able to get housing by being a live in nanny or housekeeper. You spend a lot of hours working and taking care of your child and won't have a lot of time to go to school.

You can get admitted to college and then apply for student loans. you can use some of the loan for housing.

You can ask someone if you can live with them for free. They may say yes, but it is usually a very bad idea

You may need to slow down and think a bit more about what you are doing.,

Are you and your baby in harms way. Is there the possibility of either one of you getting hurt?

If you can stay at HOME and be safe it is probably a good idea. Wait until you get in college and get student loans. You don't sound ready to move out.

I know it is hard to live with Your parents when you are a grown up, but when you have a child to consider you have to do what is best for the child to keep them safe.

Think about applying for general assistance, get your name on the section 8 list for housing. They will find you very low housing.

Hang in there until you know you can move safely

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