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Home 2 Let

Jeffery Said:

I want to get 2 full time job b/c one of my job let me work at home. Is there any way my employer will know?

We Answered:

My first question is why do you want to get 2 F/T jobs? If it's for money only, I would caution you.

Although your employer might not find out through a background check or something the easiest way for them to find out is that I would find it highly unlikely that you would be able to sustain good performance at both jobs for any longer period of time.

One, if not both could suffer and then you could end up being fired. I would try to find another way to make ends meet. I know it's tough nowadays.

I'm working a full-time+ job and going back to school with the hopes that when I finish my next degree I can get an even better paying position. Have you considered that?

Lydia Said:

I need a home job. have 3 children 2 young Has anyone herd of Peoples Life Style at home.Let me know about it.

We Answered:

I've never heard of this company. Can you open a home day care? Best wishes!

Olga Said:

I have a ger.shep mix,when we come home,let her out she takes my arm into her mouth,dont bite,glad 2 c me.Why?

We Answered:

my last GSD did that to my husband when he went to his shed, she would just come along and hold his fingers in her mouth, it was a form of affection from her.
However, your pup is still very young, and it really depends on her personality, if she is a gentle good natured girl then I would not worry, however if she has dominant issues and is pushy, then I would not encourage it.

Andrew Said:


We Answered:

After being in the TRADES for more than 40 years, and as a homeowner, I pretty much know what I want, or what I should expect from any trades..

Gypsies,,,no offense to them,,, Cuz I've been there,,,, vary in reliability and honesty as much as many licensed contractors,,,who often SUB OUT work.

The key is to find those who are licensed, bonded, experienced, offer return to solve unsolved issues, a reputation locally that can be verified.

YOU get what you pay for is very valid, BTW.

The cost to hire reputable contractors is usually offset by the quality of the job.

Certainly you have the right to be a "Foreman" it's your dollars. Trust only comes with knowledge, and often,,,Knowledge is something we only gain,,,"After we need it"

Rev. Steven

Stephanie Said:

Poll: What beers would you have on tap at your home bar?

We Answered:

For me it would be:

NewCastle Brown Ale
Bass Ale
and Fat Tire

But to be more diverse:
Bud Light
then one of the three above, but I will still choose NewCastle

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