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House To Let

Travis Said:

Let's start this debate: Is it good to have a gun in the house?

We Answered:


i have guns in my house...have always had guns in my house..and was taught from a young age to respect them...

my parents taught me how to use one...which included cleaning and caring for it...not just poppin' off a few rounds for fun at anything that moved...

it is our is our duty...and in todays day and age...imperative we keep arms...know how to use them...and teach our children RESPECT for firearms....

that doesn't mean hiding them means taking the time and effort to teach...

my brothers hunted from the time they were 12/13 years did my husband...which means they handled guns most of their lives...safely...

i don't is a personal choice, but by the time i was 14 i could shoot better than them...hit a bottle cap with a 22 at any distance as long as i could see it...then of course my vision went! *lol* now it has to be a bit bigger and i have to be a bit closer in order to hit a target....

Erica Said:

How can I convinve my wife to let me out of the house?

We Answered:

The first rule of women is that honesty is the best policy except when you are dealing with a woman.

The second rule of women is that it is always easier to get her forgiveness than her permission.

Sneak out, bro, and have at it. Don't bother trying to convince her.


Janice Said:

Have you ever went to a coffee house, let your friend order something that you payed for just to throw it out?

We Answered:

As long as there's no b*tching later about being tired, my friend may appreciate my patience (regardless of the fact that he STILL doesn't understand that 'black, no sugar' means exactly that, even after 8 years of Tim Horton's stops...)

Albert Said:

how do you build a build house in second life? let alone anything else?

We Answered:

Hey, I cannot tell you directly (I am just learning myself), but you can find lots of answers at the URL of the Second Life forums in the Building category. (See below.)

Also, call up your Find menu, click on "Places," and search for the Ivory Tower.

It is basically a worship that you can go through at your own pace, to learn how prims work and how to build things.

Good luck!

Cory Said:

Did the White House let New Orleans drown on purpose?

We Answered:

The "facts" in your question are all wrong.

1. A comprehensive state of emergency was declared on August 26th and the evacuation order was given on the same day. Katrina struck during the early morning hours of the 29th.

2. The evacuation was well done + highly successful and all of the highways leaving New Orleans were empty by 6:00pm on August 28th. More than 1, 350,000 people left, from a metro-area population of about 1,400,000. About half of the estimated 50,000 who remained in the City went to the Superdome.

3. The canal wall breaches that flooded the city-proper happened at about 9:30am on the 29th. It was not instantly apparent - to anyone - the breaches would result in catastrophic flooding. However, the city center was flooding by 2:00pm on the 29th (less than 5 hours later and still during the daytime). Everyone could see it and the flooding was broadcast live on global tv by every network.

There is NO basis for the claim the White House withheld information. Your allegations are false.

4. Responsibility for the failure to immediately respond to the emergency rests completely on the shoulders of the state's governor - who is a Democrat. It should be noted that Governor Blanco refused a request from President Bush on August 30th to "federalize" the disaster response, which would have allowed the use of regular military units in addition to the LA national guard. Instead she sat on her hands and earned the nickname "Governor Blank Stare".

The FIRST national guard convoy didn't reach New Orleans until September 2nd.

Johnnie Said:

Should I let house centipedes stay in my house?

We Answered:

Centipedes aren't that bad, they're actually pretty cute - and if it means you have less spiders, I say go for it!

Todd Said:

short term house let in adelaide area?

We Answered:

Have a look here for a few Furnished Houses in the Adelaide area, for short term renting.

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