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Houses Flats To Rent

Jimmy Said:

What are the best places to find rooms flats or houses to rent in UK?

We Answered:

or any good property site

Ted Said:

Im going to look around some flats / houses etc to rent soon, any tips?

We Answered:

Make an outline that details what you are looking for: hardwood floors, laundry room in the building, carpet etc.

Also, be sure to look around the place for any deficiencies i.e. cracks in the walls, infestation, holes in baseboards etc.

Visit during the day and the evening just to get a feel for the neighborhood to see if ppl are hanging around or doing illegal things.

Kenneth Said:

why are houses cheaper to rent then flats?

We Answered:

In a lot of cases, Flats come with a Management charge. This legally can not be passed onto the tenant as it pays for insurances and the like, so landlords try to equate for this with an increase in the real value rental yield therefore circumnavigating the need to try to get the tenant to pay for it direct. Hence, sometimes rental figures can sometimes be higher for a similar sized house.

I hope this helps.

Erika Said:

Can anyone tell me about apts, houses, flats to rent month to month in either dallas or austin,tx?

We Answered:

There are thousands in lots of different locations, and month to month is more expensive than a normal lease.

Melinda Said:

Where can i find information about cost of house rent in Selangor?

We Answered:

The rental cost per house depends to which area e.g. you can easily get for min. RM500-600 for a normal terrace house, while for a whole apartment (condo.) min. 1.2K-2K around Petaling Jaya, Section 14,17, SS2. areas which are nearby most academic institutions.
PJ is about min.15min.-20mins ride away from KL.
If around Damansara, Sunway, Subang then more expensive.

If around Puchong, Cheras, Ampang - KL areas - flats & terrace houses can be as cheap as RM400-500 per month. But thn. transport & accomodations might not be as good as PJ & the rest of the locations above.

I would suggest for you to drop by your Uni.campus talk to the students/managements & etc. coz. some of them do provide hostel or hv. students who wanted to rent out their rooms. Keep a good look out for advertisements on the student boards, tiang lampu, phone booths & nearby bus stops & community boards for those too. Good thing is beside security, u can even knw ppl frm ur uni. to share study resources. But as a student, I think you're actually looking for a room instead right?

Wow nxt mont's your Uni. u should hv. prepared earlier.
But nvm. do write out where's your locations so those living in KL/PJ here can assit you better.
Added. Oh I worked nearby the area you study (SS15 Subang Square Tower) before.
It's kinda hard for you to get it for RM500-700 esp. FOR SUBANG area. Per master room includes bathroom sure can lah. My coworker's even pay RM300-400 per room (no bathroom but includes other electrical+water bills).

Some of they said further nearby the airport area you can get flats/houses for RM500-700. But it's not very secure besides expenses spend on transport.
My advice:
- get a bedroom + bathroom - so got personal space & do laundry for max. RM500.
- nearby your college
- get to save up transport $$, nearby food court, more secure a bit.

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