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Houses For Students

Russell Said:

Does Havard College have open houses for prospective students?

We Answered:

I am currently a Harvard student. For me, the selection for the program was competitive. Applicants submit a program application; personal statement describing interest in the program; letter of nomination from a professor, career mentor, or faith-based leader; resume; and academic transcripts. 2009 of last year I attended a Theological Education Day because much like you, I was interested.Each year Harvard Divinity School welcomes prospective students to Theological Education Day. This day-long event is open to anyone interested in learning more about Harvard Divinity School's academic programs and community life.

The day's schedule ordinarily includes:

Information about admissions, financial aid, and career services
Visits to HDS classes
Panel discussions on such topics as academic program requirements, field education and ministry preparation, student life, and applying to HDS at mid-career.
An open house at the Center for the Study of World Religions
Lunch with faculty, staff, and denominational counselors
Walk-in office hours with faculty and staff
Opportunities for worship, meditation, and prayer
Campus and library tours. I wish you luck in your application process as well!

Kathy Said:

I live in a rented student house with 3 other students. By law what fire safety equipment should be provided?

We Answered:

Extraordinarily None!! We rent private properties and they have no requirement for any smoke detectors, extinguishers etc etc - these are the responsibility of the tenants. If however, your property is rented to you by the University, then standards may apply.

Stacey Said:

What do you teachers think of rolling students houses with toilet paper to get back at them for being bratty?

We Answered:

Too funny. Would be a great scene in a movie.

Derek Said:

What are the good/bad neighborhoods for student houses in Leeds?

We Answered:

first link - neighbourhood statitistics
second link - leeds city council index of deprivation....

There is a good cheap hotel - travellodge - just outside of leeds, I suggest you spend a weekend there and have a good map.

Definately stay out of Chapeltown.

Read up on the local newspapers, see the reports on whats going on.

Anita Said:

How do I stop house next door being rented to students?

We Answered:

theres not much you can do, you'll probably be advised to keep a diary of events for the owners or local council so that if it does turn out like your last situation you may have a leg to stand on. Not all students are the same, you might be lucky this time.

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