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Houses To Share

Corey Said:

Do people do summer share houses in the UK and where?

We Answered:

I've never heard of this before. Yeah, I agree, its easier just to get a flight to the Med.

Ryan Said:

can a student advertise for house share of property they rent?

We Answered:

There is NOTHING wrong at all with them taking in extra tenants. This is the common practice in almost all house shares. Do you know how many house shares there are in London which do this? There are *loads*. Unless the landlord or the agency has expressly said that they may not do this, then they are fine to go ahead and do it.

However, you are correct with regards to the implications for council tax. Students are exempt, but if there are people residing in the house who are not students then they should be paying council tax. What the tenants need to do is to contact the local council and let them know that the house is occupied by non-students, and the council will tell them how much they need to pay. They will be charged the full, normal amount, but it would be most fair on the people in the house if it were split between those who are not students only. This will work out to be expensive for those people and it will probably mean that they won't want to stay there - and that's why most house shares usually contain either all students or all professionals, and not a mixture of the two.

Billy Said:

What options are there other than a house share?

We Answered:

Renting is your only realistic option .. however since you are on IB, you should get help with your Rent = talk to the JSA people

Reginald Said:

How many bathrooms should there be in a house share where there are 7 people living?

We Answered:

I watched 'homes under the hammer' tv programme this morning, a builder bought a large house and wanted it for rental accommodation for students. He converted it into six bedrooms for multiple occupancy, and he had to have a minimum of 2 bathrooms, which is what he put in.
you can probably watch it on on bbc i player tomorrow. it was shown today friday 10th sept.

Arlene Said:

Can 2 people in the same house share Rosetta Stone on 2 different computers?

We Answered:

Hm... good question, but I doubt it.
Usually programs like that will have a registration code and cannot be shared between computers.

Guy Said:

Could two houses share an internet connection?

We Answered:

Yes, you are going to need a router which I'm assuming he already has. I would make it password protected so others can't access it as well, but you should be able to pick up off his signal depending upon how close and how strong the signal is between the houses.

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