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Housing For Student

Pearl Said:

Is there any way to break a student housing contract?

We Answered:

It may be different in the UK, but here once you've signed a contract you are kind of stuck with it.

However, if you can find someone willing to take on the room in your place whose suitability is agreed by all parties then it is sometimes possible to change the name on the contract. Read your contract carefully and see what it says. All the information you need should be in there. Good luck.

Raymond Said:

Does anyone know where I can find student housing or rentals for under $1000 in Nassau County?

We Answered:

It will be really hard to find a 1 or 2 bedroom in your price range. Long Island (especially Nassau County) rental rates are pretty high...mostly due to property taxes.

Also, be careful of where you move to in Hempstead since there are many parts that are very crime ridden.

Try looking for a studio or a share situation.

Here are some helpful websites: beware of scams

Laurie Said:

How do I apply for student housing for UC Davis?

We Answered:

Incoming students cannot apply for student housing until they have been notified that the application process has begun; the application process typically begins in mid-May.

Cynthia Said:

What is the best STUDENT HOUSING/ APARTMENT complex in NYC?

We Answered:


There is Educational Housing Services in different locations all over NYC. All of the buildings do have security and they are all located in safe areas. There are different room types that are available so I suggest that you go to to check them out. The utilities are all included in the initial price, all except laundry of course, and there's fitness centers at the locations as well for the students to use... also included!

At EHS (Educational Housing Service) you will not be bored. The RA's are always putting together different events for the residents to go to and get to meet each other. At the beginning of the semester they have meet and greet's where they bring in pizzas and everyone hangs out, gets to know each other and of course they go over the rules of the building. The events are great and most are free but if they aren't they are very cheap, typically the places give EHS a discount. The RA's definitely understand the meaning of being a "cheap college student". Haha.

I would definitely recommend checking out these buildings since I looked at them all too and they do have their own perks but go to the website, call the number and speak with someone. It's definitely a fun, safe way to live in NYC.

Hope to see you around!

Neil Said:

Is it better for an international student coming to AU to have secured housing before arrival?

We Answered:


I used to be an international students in Melbourne and still assisting newly arrived international student. I will try to help you with informations,

For international students, if you are over 18yrs old there are 3 options:
1. Stay in on-campus accommodation, assuming that your school/uni got one. You will be sharing most amenities with the others and some may provide single, some only shared rooms. Some students like this options b'cos you got friends and easy access to campus services such as libraries and computer labs (handy for assignments later). Some dun like it b'cos of noise.
2. Stay in temporary accommodation like hostel. This can be arranged by the school/uni accommodation services before you come to Australia. Once arrived, you can then try to find apartment/flat with your classmates. At least you can see and you know the location before signing the lease.
3. Stay in homestay (live with Australian family). This can be arranged by the school/uni accommodation services before you come to Australia.

If you are under 18yrs old, your options will only be 1 or 3, as you are not allowed to stay by yourself or with friends as per your student visa regulations.

The story told by sebcue did happen to some newly arrived international students, although not very often and he does have a point, prepare early and you'll be OK. This is a good sign, at least you try to find out as early as you can.

Hope this helps. E-mail me at if you have any more questions abt coming to Australia. Good luck and welcome to Australia :)

Janice Said:

What are some community colleges in america with student housing?

We Answered:

In the boonies in CA there are some CCs with dorms, here's a list.…

Good luck!

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