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Housing For Students

Juanita Said:

I'm a student wanting to live in income restricted housing. students are technically not allowed to live there?

We Answered:

It has nothing to do with the fact you are a student, it has more to do with the fact that you are single with no children and are able-bodied.

So, unless you plan on birthing a child next week or getting married, you are out of luck...hard to lie about that, considering they ask for the social security numbers of all that will be living there.

Edward Said:

Does Anyoen know about the availability of housing in NYC, specifically for college students?

We Answered:

As a fellow New Yorker here is the only advice I can give you. The previous poster nailed it on the head you have to share an apartment. Apartments range from 2,000+ for a studio if you are lucky a small 1 bedroom (Jr-4). You should check out places in the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Some parts are in a short commute to NYC. If you need help e-mail me.

Mathew Said:

Do You Know Any Regulations For International Students Housing?

We Answered:

hey!I also want to go to USA.where are you from?

Heidi Said:

Does anyone have information on colleges with child care and housing for students that are parents?

We Answered:

University of Virginia rocks!

Max Said:

Students: Do you feel it is more beneficial to live in college housing while attending?

We Answered:

There is positives and negatives to live in on campus housing (dorms) and like wise +/-'s to off campus housing.

Based on your age of 22 and that you stated you are independent, off campus housing can be cheaper (with roommates) but you have to analyze both social aspects and monetary aspects of your choice.

If you are new to the school or area and do not know many people, I would suggest on campus dorms. If you know people and have some friends in the area, try the roommate route to help minimize expenses, but pick someone with similar interests as well as those with a goal of graduating school.

I came accorss a new website that is trying to help students find affordable off campus housing. It is a fairly new site but appears to be growing.

Good luck with your education.

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