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Housing Houses Flats

Randy Said:

What's the healthiest way to live:Flats,terraced houses,semi-detached houses,or detached houses?

We Answered:

Whatever you feel comfortable in.
Its no good having a detached house that eats all your money, so you cannot afford to go out, in the same way its no good to live in a one bed flat with 5 kids.

Good health needs a happy soul.

Martha Said:

What is the preferred housing option for a family moving houses because they need more room?

We Answered:

Need more room--why?
Too much stuff, too many people, pets?
Location is the key in moving, moreso than type of unit.
Are you noisy or a noise hater--avoid a flat or unit as the neighbors will hate you, and you might find some noisy neighbors as well.
Do stairs bother any of you? An apartment in an elevator building eliminates that problem.
Do you enjoy gardening and mowing and outdoor upkeep?--If not, avoid a house, there's always something.

Wendy Said:

How do I buy a property land,house,independent houses,plot, flat for low price in bank auctions in Ind?

We Answered:

Watch paper advertisements. it is mandatory to place advertisements.

Shawn Said:

What is the cost of housing (apts, houses, condos, flats, etc) in Rabat, Morocco?

We Answered:

I have found to be a valuable source for me. I don't know if they have what you are looking for but I am sure there are links on there that will take you where you need to get the information you are looking for.

Kent Said:

Is it true that the Scotish government offers discounted flats/houses?

We Answered:

the council used to sell you your house. the longer you stayed in it the bigger the discount, apparently it has all changed and they are no longer selling house unless the buyers have been in it seven years from the date the council changed the policy due to the fact that the council are struggling to find people houses as a hell of a lot of them have been bought up

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Its no smart having a house that chow all of your cash, thus you can't afford to travel out, within the same means its no smart to measure in a very one bed flat with five children. said:

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