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Housing In Uk

Salvador Said:

How much does it cost to rent a house in the UK?

We Answered:

You can probably find a nice terraced house in staffordshire for £400-£450 per month. Have a look at for specifics.

Me and my husband rent a 3 bed house for £450 a month but only have a yearly income of £12,000. We go easy on luxuries mind. So I'm 100% sure you can afford it.

£26,600 divide by 12 is £2216. This is your monthly income before outgoings.

In our 3 bed house we pay;

£450 per month on rent
£50 per month on electric
£30 per month on gas
£20 per month on water
£35 per month on internet/t.v/phone line (including t.v licence)
£20 per month on phone calls (average for us)

Without rent included we spend £155 per month on bills (£605 with rent). Add this to your current outgoings that you have already and you get £1641 left over per month for rent and luxuries.

Like I said I'm sure you'll manage.

P.s. Forgot food. We spend £100 per month on food although we generally buy home brand items. If you like your luxurious food I'd say double it to £200 per month. Leaving you £1441 per month for rent and luxuries.

Charles Said:

can you get a grant for a brand new housing executive house?? uk?

We Answered:

If you meet the criteria for an NIHE grant, you may be able to receive one. However, the NIHE is currently experiencing a funding shortfall which means it is approving fewer grants and making eligibility criteria stricter. Most grants are approved for home improvement and repairs - if your house is brand new, you will not qualify for a grant to facilitate improvements. See here for more information:…

Darren Said:

what do you think will happen with the uk housing market in the next few months?

We Answered:

is it on the market at a reasonable price for your area ??

they have just said that the population of the uk will increase by 10 million in the next 10 years

so i wouldnt worry about house prices falling too much

all the best

Julie Said:

In common UK housing law anyone confirm that a tenant is not obliged to allow access for repairs until 8:30am?

We Answered:

I am not aware of such a specific time restriction. What is permitted depends on the terms of the lease.

Unless the lease expressly allows it, the tenant is not obliged to let anyone, including the landlord, on to the premises at all. But in practice all leases will allow the landlord or his agents (ie anyone working for him) reasonable access for repairs.

The key word is reasonable. This will depend on all the circumstances - the type of repair, the urgency, your circumstances etc. EG, if you have to take small children to school and it is a 10 minute job then its probably not reasonable for the landlord to expect access before 8.30am. But if its urgent, or might take a full day to complete, then it probably would be reasonable to expect you to give access at (say) 8.00am.

Lloyd Said:

How can Gordon Brown help first-time buyers in the UK housing market?

We Answered:

in the short term i don't think things will change - i justhope interest rates stop going up!

Dustin Said:

Good cause for UK Housing Benifit backwards claim?

We Answered:

I say go for it, you are entitled to it, my husband pays his taxes and i would rather help pay for your rent instead of some dole bluger who sits at home all day atleast your out working..good luck

Sergio Said:

How or where can you find out which UK Housing Associations keep their own waiting lists?

We Answered:

You contact the company direct ... they evaluate your needs and ability to pay and offer you suitable accommodation .. one thing they do NOT do is break the Data Protection Act by giving out the names of their other clients ..

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