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Liverpool Accommodation Student

Marlene Said:

which liverpool student accomodation is the best?

We Answered:

You may contact Univ of Liverpool, 60 quid a week you can't beat that!

Javier Said:

Hull or Liverpool for gay post graduate student?

We Answered:

Hull is a typo - it should be Hell. Seriously though, Hull regularly comes near the bottom of worst places to live. Apart from anything else it's miles away from everywhere. I'd go for Liverpool - it's a better city, plus it's much closer to other cool places like Manchester, Chester etc - if you're gay then I'm sure you know about Canal Street area in Manchester.

Andy Said:

is wavertree, Liverpool a safe area?

We Answered:

it's as safe as the rest of the city mate.
I would have no worries staying there if i was you.
The High Street is a good place to drink and meet people and Picton Road sports centre is not far from you and it has an olympic size swimming pool.

Felix Said:

do u know any colleges in liverpool?

We Answered:

liverpool community college or hugh baird. lipa is a performing arts college and elliot clarke will probably do drama too.
i don't think that they offer student accomodation, although lipa might if you are over 18.

Leonard Said:

Which University Should I Go To?

We Answered:

I would suggest not worrying too much about how "nice" accommodation is. Unless it looks/you know it's really terrible, university accommodation is university accommodation. It's not like you'll be spending loads of time in your room.

It sounds to me like Edge Hill really only has going abroad and okay accommodation going for it. Leeds being in a great city is definitely nice, but I think your education and opportunities like going abroad are probably more important in the long run. They all have their ups and downs, but Manchester sounds best to me!

Good luck!

Amber Said:

Do you know any residences in London, Manchester or Liverpool(for non students)?

We Answered:

Check this , they have single room and are mostly in central london.I used to live in Belvedere house .

Ida Said:

Accommodation costs for University.?

We Answered:

it's £65 pound a week on campus.

also, a pint of beer costs £2.15 (thought i'd let you know.)

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