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London Accommodation For Students

Juanita Said:

How much would it cost to travel around Europe for approx. 4-7 weeks for 2 people?

We Answered:

Young people going bottom line spend about $US100 per day in Europe, at this time. As you plan to go to some of the most expensive cities, London and Paris, and do not want to go a tight budget, try to have $US 150 per person per day at least, a litle more is better.
On top of that comes your transport to and within Europe, between $1000 and $2000 depending on what kind of ticket and/or pass you buy.

By the way, only visiting big cities you do yourself a big disservice. A mix of big cities, smaller cities and countryside/villages is much more enjoyable. A travel of only highlights does become a blur very fast, and Europe is so much more than the cities. Take a few days and also visit the west coast of Ireland, rural England, the charming French villages and/or a Spanish beach resort and you will go home with a much better view on Europe and many more lively memories.

Byron Said:

Sightseeing and questions about London?

We Answered:

Kaylin, you will love London. It is exciting, vibrant, in-your-face and yet traditional and dignified all at the same time. First, about discounts. If you are presently a student, get the International Student Identity Card as close to graduation as you can. It is valid for six more months after you graduate, so you can still nab a student discount.

But if you're not a student, check to see if there is a London visitors discount card. Most European cities offer them. It is usually available at tourist info centers, from hotel front desks, and at hostels and B&Bs. It offers unlimited use on most public transport, as well as free or discounted admissions to the major sites, sights and landmarks.

One thing you MUST do is take a few London Walks tours. They are awesome tours for people who hate being tourists. Most rely on public transport, especially if you do one of their Explorer Days out of town. I have been on bunches of them and loved every one. They are conducted by academics or experts in the various topics. I've done the Jack the Ripper tour and the Explorer Days in Greenwich, Richmond/Hampton Court Palace, and Winnie the Pooh Country, among others. Try to get a tour with Richard Bartlett as leader: he's a hoot! You can get their brochure at most hotels and tourist info centers, or visit their Web site,

You should budget about 35-40 BPS per day for your expenses, excluding accommodations. Probably less, but just in case, it's good to have a bit more in reserve.

You will find London in mid-September to be very pleasant. We wore short sleeves most of the time. It rained every now and then, but that's common almost anytime in London!

Have a wonderful visit!

Theodore Said:

English Language Coursework GCSE. Help Please :)?

We Answered:

Erm. Can I ask what the title is for your creative piece? If it's something like "Describe the place where you live" or something like that, you might want to ditch the facts and spruce things up a bit. It's a good piece, don't get me wrong. But when we did our pieces for GCSE we always got told -- and this applies in the exam, for the describe bit, too -- to be creative. Not stupid stuff, like flying gerbils. But the examiner doesn't want to read boring, repetitive stuff.
Don't be afraid to be creative =)

But your style's good, in general. Well done on that.
(Just another quick note, you might want to make the bit at "On the other hand" into a new paragraph. Just a thought.)

Jay Said:

*extremely* cheap hotels in London/Greater London?

We Answered:

Have you tried easy hotel? The further in advance you book the cheaper it will be. They are very boring hotels, but at least it's clean and somewhere to sleep, also they are in some great locations so you can really hit the town with your boyfriend and get back easily.

Louise Said:

Visiting London, Oyster/cheap fare advice needed!?

We Answered:

You would have to be a student at a London college/university to get a student oystercard - and even then it takes some time to apply.

If you can get one it would be the cheapest option, otherwise you should buy a weekly (paper or oyster) zone 1-3 travelcard for £30.20 (or zone 2-3 if you're not going into zone 1 for £19.00). This means you can use it as many times as you want on buses tubes and trains (and trams but there aren't really many tramlines in London) for 7 days.

If you do get your weekly travelcard on an oyster, it costs £3 for the oyster itself. Register your oyster immediately, then when you are finished with it at the end of your time in London, you can hand it into an underground station for a refund of the £3.

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