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London Accommodation Student

Anita Said:

Any student accommodation in east London?

We Answered:

Have you tried Loot - It's a weekly classified newspaper which also has a website with around 9,000 flat listings.

Check out

Hope that helps and happy house-hunting

Allan Said:

Twin share student accommodation in London?

We Answered:

Hi There,
As far as I am aware they are the only provider in London that does that type of student accommodation. Its really nice, I went on the tour last week as they are now doing them.

Martin Said:

How to get a london student accommodations?

We Answered:…

Sally Said:

Free accommodation in London? I'm an international student.?

We Answered:

'Free' and 'London' are not two words people use in the same sentence. You will find no free accommodation anywhere in the country.

You may find 'cheap' hostels but these are not recommended study environments. You may also be able to find subsidized rent and living costs by working for a family in their home. Usually the best place to find this information is to ask the international student adviser or contact the appropriate housing department at your university.

Vicki Said:

Student Accommodation in London?

We Answered:

Your university will have an accomodation office with resources to help you. For example, my uni had an online list for students with rooms available to other students.

If you are studying in central London, you will struggle to find somewhere with your own bathroom unless you can afford to live alone.

Most students end up sharing a flat with friends they make in the first year. The cheapest solution is to share with others in a flat within walking distance of your uni so you save on travel costs and your rent and bills are shared.

You can try for flats to rent but I seriously doubt you'll want to pay that much money for private accomodation by yourself.

Also look at

There are larger residential buildings for students - a bit like student halls - that offer studios and en suite rooms. Have a look at Unite -

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