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London Housing Student

Kelly Said:

If you move to uni student acccomodation can you still keep your place on the council housing list?

We Answered:

You should fill in a new form to show your new circumstances, you would be able to stay on the list but you would be classed as very low priority. It's worth doing though in case you need to rely on the longevity of your application at a later stage. Don't forget to complete a new one each time you move address :)

Johnnie Said:

How Much Will It Cost For A Student in London?

We Answered:

new york is expensive yeah but it is absolutely no comparison to London there are 2 dollars to every pound so everything you by here anyway will cost twice as much.
and the cost of living is ridiculous.
some people get an allowance from the government because the cost of living is so insane the allowance is called London weighting (but you only get it if your doing certain jobs)
House prices are extortionate and it will be hard to find a flat to rent for less than £450 a month (that's $900) and if you want a flat on a council estate (housing project) you can be on a waiting list for years.

monthly spending

. £450 - rent
. £150 - food
. £100 - gas,electric and water (all added together)
. £150 - cloths and general things
. £60 - council tax
. £100 - insurances

added together £1010 that's $2020

London is the second most expensive city on thee planet and new york is the 18th most expensive so you may be in for a shock. the reason for id being so exspensive is because london is so exclusive. but all that aside you can find bargains in london and cheaper accomidation but you really have to look, go into every estate agents (realtor)and search hard i dont want this to put you off coming to london i have lived here all my life and its a fantastic city and i love it to bits you will have a really good time here. hope this helps :)

Violet Said:

What do I need to open a Bank Account in London?

We Answered:

Opening a bank account in the UK is easy. All you need is proof of identity, your passport will do that. You will also need proof of a UK address, like a utility bill. That might not be so easy at first. Your college is the best place to go for advice on accomodation. An address at the Halls of Residence will be enough to keep the bank happy.


Kristin Said:

are there any STUDENT HOUSING AGENCIES in London???

We Answered:

type the right keyword in google,and you will end up with contact no. of the company,

Grace Said:

Where can I find student housing near London for one month?

We Answered:

you can use

Michelle Said:

How much should a student abroad in London expect to spend per semester on everything but housing?

We Answered:

If you are from the US, I would figure out what you spend right now in a semester and triple it to be safe - to cover the drop of the dollar and the extra expenses that come from living in an expensive city.

You can always not spend the money you have, but it is hard to get there and not have enough.

Sorry I can't give you a specific number - it's been several years since I studied in England and things have gone downhill for the dollar since then.

Allan Said:

Can 14 year olds that are attending college (high school) in London stay in private student housing?

We Answered:

No. if you are in the schooling system in Britain up until 16 you must have parental guardianship or you will be taken into care.

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